NOTN 6-17 AM

    News of the North

    Friday, June 17th, 2022 - 18 minutes

    Reports include:

    Smoke is still lurking across Southeast Alaska thanks to wildfires up north.

    The Juneau School District has released an update on the floor sealant incident.

    The budget for the City and Borough of Juneau is complete and City finance director Jeff Rogers spoke about the budget process and what comes next.

    Juneau Police Lt. Jeremy Weske spoke to the numerous drug busts in the capital city while on action line.

    US Coast Guard makes tow rescue in the waters west of Yakutat .

    Sen. Murkowski hosts Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis at a Fairbanks banquet.

    Two communities and one organization in Southeast have received grant awards from the US department of agriculture.

    One of Alaska’s largest private COVID-19 testing providers plans to close its public testing sites in the state by the end of June.

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