Capital Chat 12-20-22

    Capital Chat

    Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 - 12 minutes

     Scott Burton, Film Maker - Capital Chat 12-20-22

    Scott Burton an award-winning Juneau filmmaker producing a documentary about relationships with alcohol. Through my own 30-year relationship with booze, and through the stories of drinkers and medical providers, the film will offer space and a deeper vocabulary to explore society’s relationship with alcohol and sobriety. Topics will include why we drink, why we stop, why we maintain sobriety, the spectrum of alcohol use, the normalization of alcohol use, and the baggage and stigma attached to terms like alcoholic, sobriety, and recovery. “Earnest Drinker” will endeavor to take a creative, entertaining, and fair-minded look at relationships with drinking. As you may know, alcohol misuse costs the state of Alaska 2.4 billion dollars a year according to Recover Alaska. The film is in production and fundraising. Iʼd love tell your listeners about it, and ask for their support. You can see the crowdfunding video/trailer or learn more here:

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