Southeast Harriers Run at Wrangell

    Petersburg Vikings freshman Kate Thompson races in the Wrangell Invitational on Saturday.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Sitka High School junior Anna Prussian and freshman Clare Mullen edged Thunder Mountain senior Grace Sikes for first and second place at the Wrangell Invitational Cross-Country meet on Saturday.

      Prussian won the 5-kilometer (3.2 mile) race in 20 minutes 22.16 seconds, with Mullen at 20:25.63 and Sikes in third at 21:00.87.

      On the boys side, Ketchikan senior Mickey Lapinski continues to lead the Southeast packs as he won by almost seven seconds over Sitka junior Silas Demmert, 17:19.36 to 17:26.15, respectively. Petersburg senior Michael Durkin was third in 18:05.92.

      Ketchikan won the girls team score with 38 points with Petersburg second at 73, followed by Thunder Mountain with 83, the Juneau-Douglas Kalé “C” team with 85, Wrangell with 97 and Mt. Edgecumbe, 113.

      Sitka won the boys team score with 30 points, followed by Ketchikan with 82, Wrangell 82, Petersburg 85, Craig 127, Juneau-Douglas Kalé “C” 138, Mt. Edgecumbe 187, Klawock 217, Thunder Mountain 220 and Metlakatla 273.

      GIRLS INDIVIDUAL FINISHES (place, year, runner, time, school):

      1. jr Prussian 20:22 SIT; 2. fr Mullen 20:25 SIT; 3. sr Sikes 21:00 TM; 4. sr Liana Carney 21:56-SR WRG; 5. so Kinley Lister 22:06-PR PSG; 6. fr Carol Frey 22:26 KTN; 7. so Iris White 22:30 JD; 8. sr Kenai Holien 22:40-SR KLWK; 9. sr Paige Boehlert 22:57-SR KTN; 10. fr Kate Thompson 22:59-PR PSG; 11. fr Kyla Jones 23:15-PR KLWK; 12. fr Trisa Capps 23:30 KTN; 13. sr Addie Poulson 23:39-SR SIT; 14. fr Clara Odden 23:58 KTN; 15. so Sophia Owen 24:10 TM; 16. sr Maggie Boehlert 24:29-SR KTN; 17. jr Alexus Sakamoto Quezon 24:41-SR PSG; 18. so Cara Hollingsworth 24:57-SR JD; 19. so Jelsey Gologergen 25:09-SR MEHS; 20. fr Della Churchill 25:27-PR WRG; 21. fr Aspen Bauer 25:36 KTN; 22 fr Aries Bioff 25:45-PR MEHS; 23. so Maitlin Young 26:03-SR SIT; 24. sr Leiah Kittams 26:03-PR PSG; 25. fr Mary Johnson 26:23-PR JD; 26. so Genevieve Pikul 26:28-SR JD; 27. fr Pema Curry 26:42-PR TM; 28. so Sierra Ely 27:12_PR WRG; 29. so Mia Wiederspohn 27:13-PR WRG; 30. sr Naomi Over 28:04 TM; 31. so Sarah Bahnke 28:35 MEHS; 32. so Sarah Nanouk-Jones 28:52-PR MEHS; 33. sr Gwen Lockwood 29:25 TM; 34. fr Adelyn Buss 29:27 JD; 35. fr Bailey Roguska 30:48-PR JD; 36. so Isabella Hoppe 31:28-SR KLWK; 37. fr Makayla Peter 31:32-PR JD; 38. fr Lacey Marsden 32:05 MET; 39. fr Athena Jordan 32:08-PR MET; 40. jr Ashley Rexford 32:13-PR MEHS; 41. so Shaylen Montgomery 32:20 TM; 42. fr Rachael Day 33:14-PR PSG; 43 fr Dorothy Germain 33:37-PR TM; 44. so Violet Ricker 34:14-PR TM; 45. so Hailey Hedges 37:08-PR KLWK; 46. jr Rylee Chelette 37:21-PR WRG.

      BOYS INDIVIDUAL FINISHES (place, year, runner, time, school):

      1. sr Lapinski 17:19 KTN; 2. jr Demmert 17:26-PR SIT; 3. sr Durkin 18:05-SR PSG; 4. so Annan Weiland 18:21 SIT; 5. jr Rogan Hanson 18:24-PR CRG; 6. fr Daniel Harrison 18:26-PR WRG; 7. jr Kona Atkins 18:38-PR Gustavus; 8. jr Hank Maxwell 18:46 SIT; 9. fr Trey Demmert 18:47-PR SIT; 10. sr Asa Dow 18:54 SIT; 11. jr Devlyn Campbell 18:58-SR WRG; 12. so Daniel Asper 19:07-SR CRG; 13. fr Evan Durco 19:08-PR GUST; 14. Kyle Congdon 19:13-PR KTN; 15. so Marley Kness 19:31-SR KLWK; 16. so Valon Weathers 19:48-SR PSG; 17. jr Elias Decker 19:55-SR WRG; 18. sr Owen Costello 19:57 JD; 19. so Keegan Hanson 20:04.16-SR CRG; 20. fr Sage Janes 20:04.45 TM; 21. fr Casey Styles 20:06-PR KTN; 22. jr Randy Churchill 20:08-PR WRG; 23. sr Chase Lister 20:16-SR PSG; 24. so Kieran Cabral 20:19.45-SR PSG; 25. jr Ben Goldstein 20:19.81-SR JD; 26. sr Brent Capps 20:22-SR KTN; 27. so Breiland Willis 20:23-PR PSG; 28. so Charles Thiede 20:41-PR KTN; 29. jr Wyatt Lister 20:42-SR PSG; 30. fr Caleb Lutomsky 20:54-PR PSG; 31. sr Zayden Schivens 20:56-PR JD; 32. jr Tosh Ratzat 20:57-PR KTN; 33. jr Ethan Blatchley 21:26-SR WRG; 34. sr Jake Sleppy 21:28-PR JD; 35. jr Connor Journey 21:30-SR MEHS; 36. jr Colton Paul 21:32-PR MEHS; 37. jr Sam Bass 21:33-PR CRG; 38. sr Jimmy Baggen 21:34.42-PR WRG; 39. fr Elias Ward 21:34.90-PR PSG; 40. so Jarrett Brown 21:44-PR MEHS; 41. Jakob Nelson 21:50-PR Thorne Bay; 42. fr Ferguson Wheeler 21:53 JD; 43. sr James Shilts 22:10-SR WRG; 44. jr Jaden Andrew 22:14-PR MEHS; 45. sr Connor Ray 22:17-SR KTN; 46. so John Fisher Kelly 22:43-PR GUST; 47. so Ashton McKeehan 22:45 MET; 48. sr Tyson Messmer 23:13-SR WRG; 49. jr Luke Peterson 23:22 MEHS; 50. sr bryce Jimmie 23:26-SR MEHS; 51. so Kelton Griffith 23:42 JD; 52. jr Elston Dock 23:44-PR MEHS; 53. jr Dalton Wysykowski 24:27-PR KLWK; 54. jr Daniel Bohlke 24:48-PR GUST; 55. fr Ben Sikes 25:37 TM; 56. fr Carvin Hass 25:48-PR TM; 57. fr Merrick Hartman 25:59 TM; 58. jr Ian Owen 26:21-SR KLWK; 59. sur Jacob Isaacs 27:35-PR KLWK; 60. jr Reece Dusenberry 27:48 JD; 61. jr Emett Fairbanks 27:50-SR KLWK; 62. fr Ian Ward 28:25-PR TM; 63. jr Jasper Booth 28:35 MET; 64. fr Jackson Benson 29:03-PR MET; 65. so Miles Nelson 29:15-PR MET; 66. fr Tanner Smith 31:19-PR CRG; 67. fr Kohyn Broncheau 32:41-PR MET; 68. fr Thomas Rice 36:40-PR TM; 69. jr Giovanni Arroyo 40:27-PR MET.

    Above - Petersburg Vikings senior Michael Durkin runs in the Wrangell Invitational on Saturday.

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