Ketchikan’s Lapinski Top Boy at Sitka XC Meet, Sitka Wolves Top Team

    The start of Saturday's Sitka Invitational Boys cross-country meet. (courtesy photo)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Ketchikan’s Mickey Lapinski topped the field at the Sitka Invitational Cross-Country Meet on Saturday but the Sitka Wolves won the team title with Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas Kalé running for second and third.

      Lapinski won his third straight Region V meet of the season with a time of 16 minutes and 57 seconds, edging Sitka’s Silas Demmert by three seconds. Petersburg’s Eriah Lucas was third in 17:30.

      JDHS junior Will Robinson led the Crimson Bears with a fifth place finish in 17:34, a second behind Haines’ Luke Davis, and Crimson Bears classmate Eli Crupi was seventh in 17:44.

      TMHS placed their first five scoring runners across the line before JDHS. Senior Matthew Johns led the Falcons harriers with an eighth place time of 17:48, freshman Kael Nord placed 12th, Sage Janes 21st, junior Justus Paden 22nd and senior Darin Tingey 26th.

      Thunder Mountain coach Topaz Shryock noted that “the team is running tighter together than in past races and we look forward to seeing how they perform as a team over the next couple weeks.”

      Crimson Bears senior Colton Johns placed 27th, Falcons freshman Quinn Quiroga 31st, Falcons senior Tommy Bowman 41st, Falcons freshman Owen Woodruff 42nd, Crimson Bears sophomore Oliver Zigmund 49th, Falcons sophomore Justin Scussel 52nd, Crimson Bears freshman Reed Maier 54th, Crimson Bears freshman Finn Lamb 55th, Falcons junior Ben Erickson 56th, Crimson Bears junior Robbie Gabel 63rd, Crimson Bears junior Jack Schwarting 72nd, Crimson Bears freshman Ryan Thibodeau 76th and Crimson Bears sophomore Harry Coutu 80th.

      JDHS coaches Tristan Knutson Lombardo and Merry Ellefson noted that the depth and breadth of the Crimson Bears allowed them to be competitive at multiple meets over the weekend.

      Next race is the Capital City High School Cross-Country Invitational at Sandy Beach: A Káx Yaa Andagan Yé.

      A Land Acknowledgement at 8:50 a.m. will start events at Yanyeidí Gooch Totem. The junior varsity boys and girls combined race follows at 9 a.m..

      The varsity boys race will be at 9:45 a.m. and the varsity girls run at 10:30 a.m. (masking/social distancing required - cowbells encouraged). Following will be the Top 10 finishers recognitions and then the JDHS and TMHS senior runners will be recognized.


    1. SIT 51; 2. TMHS 82; 3. JDHS 86; 4. PSG 103; 5. KTN 120; 6. HNS 122; 7. WRG 140; 8. MEHS 216; 9. MET 289.


        1. Lapinski, Mickey KTN 16:57.78; 2. Demmert, Silas SIT 17:00.48; 3. Lucas, Uriah PSG 17:30.20; 4. Davis, Luke HNS 17:33.49; 5. Robinson, Will JDHS 17:34.79; 6. Weiland, Annan SIT 17:42.08; 7. Crupi, Eli JDHS 17:44.93; 8. Johns, Matthew TMHS 17:48.55; 9. Hanson, Rogan CRG 17:56.92; 10. Hekkers, Aubrey JDHS 17:59.70; 11.Durkin, Michael PSG 18:09.54; 12. Nord, Kael TMHS  18:16.51; 13. Maxwell, Hank SIT 18:20.45; 14. Demmert, Trey SIT 18:21.04; 15.  Jones, Kaleb HNS 18:28.76; 16. Congdon, Kyle KTN 18:31.58; 17. Kness, Marley KLWK  18:38.59; 18. Harrison, Daniel WRG 18:42.59; 19. Campbell, Devlyn WRG 18:47.69; 20. Dow, Asa SIT 18:48.06; 21. Janes, Sage TMHS 19:16.81; 22. Paden, Justus TMHS 19:19.30; 23. Hitchcock, Connor SIT 19:19.67; 24. Friske, Jacob MEHS 19:20.78; 25. Blatchley, Ethan WRG 19:23.29; 26. Tingey, Darin TMHS 19:23.71; 27. Johns, Colton JDHS 19:28.22; 28. Weathers, Valon PSG 19:29.33; 29. Styles, Casey KTN 19:30.47; 30. Fergueson, Jeremia SIT 19:44.87; 31. Quiroga, Quinn TMHS 19:48.37; 32. Allen, Gaelen HNS 19:49.81; 33. Ewers, Colton SIT 19:54.16; 34. Lister, Chase PSG 20:03.55; 35. Sager, Jake SKG 20:08.60; 36. Churchill, Randy WRG 20:09.42; 37. Cabral, Kieran PSG 20:09.99; 38. Bass, Sam CRG 20:10.81; 39. Hanson, Keegan CRG 20:13.10; 40. Capps, Brent KTN 20:19.31; 41. Bowman, Tommy TMHS 20:22.20; 42. Woodruff, Owen TMHS 20:22.64; 43. Gillham, Eric HNS 20:24.15; 44. Helem, James SIT 20:28.43; 45. Willis, Breiland PSG 20:31.59; 46. Culbeck, Griffin HNS 20:33.05; 47. Rice, Colin CRG 20:33.70; 48. Jacobson, Phoenix HNS 20:37.98; 49. Zigmund, Oliver JDHS 20:40.45; 50. Litster, Wyatt PSG 20:42.17; 51. Borcik, Logan HNS 20:47.10; 52. Scussel, Justin TMHS 20:47.40; 53. Ratzat, Tosh KTN 20:50.72; 54. Maier, Reed JDHS 20:51.02; 55. Lamb, Finn JDHS 20:52.70; 56. Erickson, Ben TMHS 20:58.34; 57. Carlos, Sergio SIT 20:58.77; 58. Thiede, Charles KTN 21:04.71;  59. Lutomsky, Caleb PSG 21:06.58; 60. Nelson, Jakob TB 21:08.26; 61. Andrew, Jaden MEHS 21:08.65; 62. Journey, Connor MEHS 21:12.19; 63. Gabel, Robbie JDHS 21:15.11; 64. Brown, Jarrett MEHS 21:27.21; 65. St. Denis, Frank MEHS 21:29.59; 66. Ray, Connor KTN 21:30.06; 67. Shilts, James WRG 21:35.95; 68. Paul, Colton MEHS 21:56.37; 69. Baggen, Jimmy WRG 22:12.39;  70. McKeehan, Ashton MET 22:13.76; 71. Ward, Elias PSG 22:25.81; 72. Schwarting, Jack JDHS 22:32.09;  73. Dock, Elston MEHS 22:32.71; 74. Burnham, Benjamin SKG 22:59.03; 75. Jackson, Dylan MEHS 22:59.32; 76. Thibodeau, Ryan JDHS 23:25.65; 77. Wyzykowski, Dalton KLWK 23:37.70; 78. Jackson, Bradley MEHS 24:01.70; 79. Ivanoff, Colton MEHS 24:12.81; 80. Coutu, Harry JDHS 25:41.40; 81. Miller, Calvin SKG 26:09.36; 82. Benson, Jackson MET 26:31.57; 83. Fairbanks, Emett KLWK 26:46.28; 84. Booth, Jasper MET 26:55.41; 85. Litster, Isaac PSG 27:40.43; 86 .Isaacs, Jacob KLWK 28:03.12; 87. Arroyo, Giovanni MET 28:36.73; 88. Nelson, Miles MET 30:53.66 60; 89. Broncheau, Kohyn MET 30:53.66.

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