Juneau District Rifle Team Out Shoots American Legion Post 290

    Athletes from the Juneau District Rifle Team shoot from the prone position in competition last week. The team placed fifth in the nation last year and is in contention for a top spot this year. (photo courtesy JDRT)

    Juneau, Alaska - The Juneau District Rifle Team shot their highest score of the season last week in the National Air Rifle League, registering a 1002.5 to defeat Stafford, Virginia’s American Legion Post 290 who put up a total of 984.0.

      With their second win in a row the JDRT is in 20th place overall and fifth place within their 'Junior Rifle Club' co-ed conference.  They currently have a 4 - 1 record. American Legion Post 290 currently has a 2 - 3 record. They are in 18th place overall and fourth place within their 'Junior Rifle Club' conference. Competitions are done virtually from each team’s home shooting range.

      Madeline Germain led the JDRT with a 263.1 score. Germain shot a 95.1 from Prone position, 78.6 Standing and 89.4 Kneeling to complete the highest individual total. Second highest shooter was American Legion’s Elizabeth Gunn who shot 255.3 (91.1 Prone, 77.4 Standing, 86.8 Kneeling).

    According to information provided by officials each game consists of shooters competing in what is known as a Three-Position Air Rifle match. The match is modeled after Olympic Rifle competitions but adapted to high school age athletes. Each athlete shoots 10 shots in three different shooting positions (prone, standing, kneeling). Each shot is worth a maximum of 10.9 points. The sum of points scored in the 30 shots is the athlete's total. The team score is comprised of the best four athletes from each team.

      JDRT top four scorers were Germain (Total 263.1, Prone 95.1, Standing 78.6, Kneeling 89.4); Sydney Bennett (T 252.4, P 91.1, S 70.6, K 90.7); Nelson Abel (T 247.7, P 96.5, S 66.5, K 84.7)); and Mackenzie Lam (T 239.3, P 91.9, S 68.5 K 78.9).

      American Legion Post 290 were led by Gunn (T 255.3, P 91.1, S 77.4, K 86.8); Marisa McDonough (T 249.2, P 95.6, S 73.8, K 79.8); Samen Singh (T 246.5, P 90.8, S 76.8, K 78.9); and Lillie Miller (T 233.0, P 82.6, S 67.5, K 82.9).

      Complete team scoring is listed at bottom of this story.

      The top Prone shooter was JDRT athlete Abel with a 96.5. Next best was American Legion’s McDonough with 95.6.

      Top Standing shooter was Germain with 77.4 and American Legion’s Gunn next at 77.4.

       Top Kneeling shooter was JDRT member Bennett with 90.7 and teammate Aubri Engen next at 90.2. Top ALP kneeling shooter was Gunn with 86.8.

       The JDRT was ranked fifth in the nation last season and, with two matches remaining this year, looks to make another top finish.
      Next up Juneau District Rifle Team will compete against Ansbach AJROTC from Ansbach, Germany. Ansbach AJROTC currently has a 3 - 3 record. American Legion Post 290 will compete against Cookeville AJROTC from Cookeville, TN. Cookeville AJROTC currently has a 2 - 1 record.
      The JDRT, coached by Dianne Zemanek, and American Legion Post 290, coached by Mike Flanagan, compete in the Distinguished Division of the Orion National Air Rifle League. Sponsored by the Orion Scoring System, the league is a national team league for high school teams and junior rifle clubs. The league has two parts. An eight week regular season going on now, followed by a single game Conference Title Game for the top two teams in each conference.

      Orion's National Air Rifle League is the largest Air Rifle league in the world with over 160 teams competing. The League is meant for both developing and elite teams, and there are separate divisions for Sporter and Precision. 

      The Sporter discipline is made up of five conferences: (1) Army JROTC, (2) Marine Corps JROTC, (3) Navy JROTC, (4) Air Force JROTC, and (5) Jr. Rifle Clubs. The Precision Discipline has two conferences: (1) JROTC and (2) Jr. Rifle Clubs. Each conference has two divisions, Champions and Distinguished, which teams are placed into based on performance in previous competition.

    Following is team scoring from last week’s match:

    NAME                      Prone     Standing   Kneeling    Team

    JDRT                         378.2        286.1        355.0        1002.5

    Madeline Germain      95.1         78.6          89.4           263.1

    Sydney Bennett          91.1         70.6          90.7           252.4

    Nelson Abel                96.5         66.5           84.7          247.7 

    Mackenzie Lam          91.9         68.5           78.9          239.3

    Timothy Shorten         91.6           67.8         77.7           237.1

    Luke Fergusson         88.7           68.4         76.0           233.1

    Aubri Engen               83.2          43.5          90.2           216.9

    Nathan Crerswell        94.7         62.6           55.8           213.1

    Beck Schneider           82.2         55.3           67.4           204.9

    Carson Gonce             82.1         43.8           76.2           202.1

    Katelyn Johnson         78.4         53.6           68.9           200.9

    Zane Johnson             68.6         64.5           61.1           194.2

    Derek St Clair             70.0          48.0           57.7          175.7

    Erin Banaszak            65.0          17.3           40.8          123.1

    ALP290                     372.6        295.5         331.6         984.0

    Elizabeth Gunn          91.1          77.4           86.8          255.3

    Marisa McDonough   95.6          73.8           79.8           249.2

    Samen Singh              90.8          76.8           78.9          246.5

    Lillie Miller                  82.6           67.5           82.9          233.0

    Joseph Born               87.6           60.8           82.1          230.5

    Brian Castleberry       95.1          62.5            66.3          223.9

    Maren Keplinger        89.6          57.9            66.4          213.9

    Faith Clevenger          82.8          53.2            70.3         206.3

    Kevin Ruiz                  83.7          49.0            53.9         186.6

    Gavin Feroldi              57.6          51.4            50.4         159.4

    Carson Soult              80.9          33.2            37.6          151.7

    Above - Aubrie Engen displays her target skill. Below - Zane Johnson and Kate Johnson shoot from the standing position.

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