Falcons Kiah Dihle Third at State on Course Packed with Athletes and Mud

    Thunder Mountain senior Kiah Dihle is shown running in the state cross-country championships on Saturday at Anchorage's Bartlett High School Trails.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Thunder Mountain senior Kiah Dihle is the third fastest girl in the state after racing the top runners in the Alaska high school ranks along arguably the most difficult 5K course - one made even more technical by overnight freeze softening and the muddy shoe-prints of 353 previous runners.

      “I fell pretty good overall,” Dihle said. “It was a really difficult treacherous course for sure.”

      Dihle placed just behind South Anchorage’s Robyn Miller (19:10) and Chugiak’s Campbell Peterson (19:27), who have been exposed to the course numerous times this season.

      The division one girls runners were the last of six races, meaning the course became a quagmire of mud and mayhem that reduced each runner's overall time. 

      “By that time it was like a slip-and-slide it was so muddy,” Dihle said. “And it was super steep hills. So going on those downhills was pretty dangerous. But I felt like I left it all out there and I was thankful to be able to run and race with an incredible team. We sent five seniors to state so that was exciting. It was a bit nerve wracking with the number of runners competing, and it felt a little less COVID safe, but it was still different to run with all those people.”

      The course had also been chewed up by practice outings the two prior days by earlier arriving and local teams.

      “We arrived Friday and I was able to walk the course and take some notes,” Dihle said. “The course was okay then but by the time we raced Saturday it was super muddy.”

      That said, Dihle, Miller and Peterson ran faster than the winners of the earlier Division III girls race, Haines’ Ariel Godinez-Long (20:31), and the Division II girls race, Kenai’s Jayna Boonstra (19:47). 

      Including the three earlier boys races that meant nearly 360 runners had raced over the course, and an even greater number of fans and officials had trodden back and forth.

      “It was pretty difficult,” Dihle said. “I didn’t hold back a ton. I had nine millimeter spikes so those helped with traction but the hills were killer. Oh man, they were slippery and they were pretty steep.”

      Dihle said she has raced against Miller and Peterson before.

      “I wasn’t expecting them to be up there in that lead pack,” Dihle said. “But they took off and they were super impressive. It was exciting for sure.”

      Dihle described her race and the course, saying she was with the leaders early, sprinting along the 800 meter start, which rounds a turn into a huge uphill climb that is part of a first lap. Dihle said she lost occasional sight of them on the second lap among the trails, which includes that hill again. 

      “I wasn’t a part of their pack but I could still see them,” she said. “It is pretty rolling hills after that first lap and I ran the 1K pretty fast, maybe a little too fast. Then you go around that field again that you started on to get to the 2K. Then you go up the same hill you did in the beginning and you start your second lap. The second lap has some giant downhills, some pretty sketchy muddy ones. Then you go into a third lap and 3K and more uphills. Then the 4K has a very big hill and a downhill.” 

      Dihle was passed by South’s Elliana Zock and Palmer’s Katey Houser around 4K but she returned the favor soon after.

      “I just gave it my all,” Dihle said. “I was nervous when they passed me. The biggest hill is at the end of the race so everyone is pretty gassed. I was exhausted but that was the hill I passed them on. Then we all finished on a long downhill and a flat and the very finish was on the 100 meters.”

      Dihle said the runners have to go out fast to get a good spot, “But the hills are a killer.”

      Dihle also expressed thanks to the Falcons’ coaching staff for facilitating a safe and fun season that included a record number of participants.

      TMHS coach Topaz Shryock said Dihle is more than a runner.

      “Beyond being a stellar runner, she is really a neat person,” Shryock said. “The really cares about others.”

      Cross-town rival Juneau-Douglas Yadaa.at Kalé co-coach Merry Ellefson said Dihle’s performance was outstanding.

      “She is just a beast,” Ellefson said. “She has been leading southeast runners all season.”

      The Crimson Bears girls faltered in their bid for a team title with the course taking a toll on their pack, placing third with 90 points, behind Chugiak’s 42 and South’s 68.

      “I think it would be true to say we hoped for better,” Ellefson said. “I also think South and Chugiak just brought it. We have been on that course for a decade, we know it, it has been muddier. But everyone is on the same course. Everyone did what they could on that day. Really just hats off to the girls, and the guys. The girls ran well but other teams ran well-er.”

      Crimson Bears sophomore Etta Eller placed just out of the top ten in 11th (20:06), with two South and Chugiak runners already placed.

      Three more Chugiak runners crossed just ahead of Crimson Bears sophomore Rayna Tuckwood in 16th (20:23) and senior Annika Schwartz in 18th (20:28) to secure the Mustangs championship plan. 

      “Just hat’s off to Etta for putting herself out there,” Ellefson said. “Those three were our front pack.”

      The overall Crimson Bears pack was lengthened then as the Anchorage schools began to put together all they had known of the course through the season. 

      South put three more runners across before Crimson Bears senior McKenna McNutt placed in 30th (21:07) with classmates Trinity Jackson 32nd (21:09.1) and Ella Goldstein 33rd (21:09.5). Eller had the back of her shoe ‘flat-tired’ by another runner at the races start and had to stop and retie it. Crimson Bears sophomore Maisy Morley, a recent substitute for freshman Ida Meyer, placed 52nd (22:17). 

      “Trinity was really a standout in that race,” Ellefson said. “She put it all out there. The pressure was on and she just made a strong choice and got out there.”

     Ketchikan’s Carol Frey was 59th (22:41) and Paige Boehlert 62nd (22:47) and TMHS seniors Grace Sikes placed 66th (23:04) and Abigail Booton 73rd (23:55).

      “I think we left knowing we did what we could do,” Ellefson said. “And I think it is great wanting to do better.”

      The DIII boys and DIII girls ran the first two races of the day.

      Petersburg senior Uriah Lucas won the DIII boys state title in 17:38, nine seconds a head of Haines’ Leo Wald (17:47) and roughly half a minute over Nikolaevsk’s Justin Trail (18:01).

      “It was pretty interesting,” Lucas said. “It went out pretty slow. It was my slowest time in a few years but it was fine. It was muddy. I almost fell a few times. I didn’t move until late in the first mile and just stayed back with the guys. I just focused on not falling on the hills. I tried to open up down them but it was hard. I thought it would be better to take it a little easier than to break a leg.”

      Petersburg coach Tom Thompson said Lucas has a passion for running.

      “And when you have talent, a strong work ethic, and that passion you deserve that success,” Thompson said. “He has been absolutely fantastic to have in our program four years and I can’t wait to find out where he runs in the future. His full potential has yet to be developed.”

      Haines’ freshman Ariel Godinez-Long won the DIII girls state title in 20:31, nearly a minute over Glennallen’s Teagan Rude (21:26) and Wrangell’s Liana Carney (21:40).

      The Haines boys and girls won the DIII team titles. The boys scoring 38 points to edge Petersburg’s 44 and the girls scoring 34 to edge Glennallen’s 54 (complete standings of all races at bottom).

      The DII boys ran the third race, dominated by Grace Christian, which placed four runners in the top five spots, including the Grizzlies' David Sliwinski winning the title in 16:44 and teammates Seth Lochmann second (16:48) Aiden Zingone fourth (16:57) and Ben Thatcher fifth (17:02). Grace Christian won the team title with 20 points, Sitka was second with 74.

      “Grace has been dominant all season,” Sitka coach Shasta Smith said. “We have just been watching their times all year and you’re just blown away. They have 10 kids going really really fast and we’re lucky to put a few together.”

     Southeast champion, Sitka junior Silas Demmert placed seventh with a time of 17:10 and freshman teammate Annan Weiland was 10th (17:17).

      “We knew we had a good shot at second place,” Smith said. “Obviously we don’t tell the kids they are running for second. My message is always, ‘You will run as fast as you can and however things play out is how they are going to play out, and best effort lead to good things, period.’ It just does.”

      Smith noted that while some teams had crowded around the time screen to see placings and points her runners were together rehydrating, recovering and laughing together.

      “They were just enjoying the moment,” Smith said. “They really weren’t outcome-fixated. They gave it their all and were pleased. They focused on best effort and whatever happened, happened.”

      The DI boys ran the fourth race and the Juneau-Douglas Yadaa.at Kalé Crimson Bears and TMHS Falcons fell into a middle of the pack race.

      West Valley’s Daniel Abramowicz captured the individual crown in 16:12 and helped the Wolfpack take the team title with 72 points. JDHS placed ninth as a team.

      Ketchikan’s Mickey Lapinski was the top Southeast runner in 27th (17:42) and teammate Kyle Congdon was 51st (18:14) and Casey Styles 73rd (19:24). JDHS runners were Samuel Holst 35th (17:50), Eli Crupi 38th (17:53), Aubrey Hekkers 42nd (17:59), Will Robinson 47th (18:09), Martin Holst 58th (18:23), Tias Carney 64th (18:33) and Edgar Vera Alvarado 66th (18:35). TMHS had senior Matthew Johns in 61st (18:25), and classmate Darin Tingey 74th (19:29).

      “On the boy’s side I think a group reflection would be that we were shooting for a fifth or sixth place,” Juneau co-coach Ellefson said. “Again, just wanting to do and feeling like we in the position to be better than we were. We might have gone out a little slow. That said, Sam Holst had the race of his life. He’s a very measured athlete. He thinks thoughtfully and clearly about his strategy and coming in as our number one runner is an outstanding performance by him. The reflection, overall, would be that we wanted a little better. We just go back and look at how, collectively and individually, we can look at it.”

      The DII girls ran the fifth race, one that produced the most inspiring outing of the championships.

      Sitka junior Anna Prussian and freshman Claire Mullen, the race's No. 1 and 2 seeded harriers, battled with Kenai’s Jayna Boonstra. Prussian and Boonstra know each other well as they have attended the multi-week Lynn Canal Running Camp in Juneau, and Mullen has been working with Prussian every day.

      “They have been pushing each other every race, every practice, every workout,” Smith said of her runners. “Anna knew to expect that Claire was going to be on her shoulder and Claire kind of knew to expect that she and Anna would trade off and on.”

      Prussian and Mullen led through the first 4K of the race but Boonstra gained slowly.

      At 600 meters, Boonstra took the lead over Prussian and Mullen began to suffer on the last hill.

      “Her form started to fall apart,” Smith said. “It was kind of crazy to watch. She couldn’t hang on.”

      Boonstra would win alone on the back stretch in 19:47 and Prussian sprinted in with second at 20:10, Mullen was in third and all alone on the last 40 yards when she fatigued. 

      “She was jogging and then the jog became a walk,” Smith said.

      Mullen fell to the ground, struggled to stand, crawled, half stood and stumbled back to the ground. 

      Race officials at her side determined she was out of danger and encouraged her to continue. If she was helped up, even by another runner, it would have resulted in a disqualification. Her parents were also encouraging her.

      Mullen battled through the worst condition a runner can experience. Her body deciding it had enough running for the day. She stood and walked toward the finish in a daze as runners passed. 

      “It was pretty dramatic,” Smith said. “By the time she finished and got to the med tent, Anna was there as well already. Three of our four girls were in the med tent. I thought, ‘Well, they definitely gave it their all.’ My philosophy has always been, ‘I don’t care where you end up in terms of points or place as long as you can finish that race knowing you gave it everything you had, then you should be proud of yourself, then I am proud of you.’ They definitely did that. Obviously they were hoping for a better outcome. It was heart breaking because you just don’t know. You’re not supposed to touch them or help them because you don’t want them to be disqualified but I was like, ‘At this point, who cares? We don’t have enough girls for a team score anyway, she wasn’t going to get the time she wanted and she was struggling… do I run out there?’ There is this internal battle. Thankfully her mom was there and ran out before I could and she coaxed her to stand back up and get across that finish line. It was literally 15 meters from the end that she collapsed.”

      Mullen broke the finish line a champion. Her 12th place time of 21:43 was not a title, but her heart and spirit were more than trophy or plaque can capture.

    Above - Sitka's Claire Mullen displays the courage, grit and spirit of cross-country running.


    Division I Girls

      1. Chugiak 42; 2. South 68; 3. Juneau-Douglas 90; 4. West 106; 5. West Valley 136; 6. Colony 145; 7. Service 172; 8. Lathrop 211; 9. Soldotna 234; 10. Kodiak 244.

    Division I Boys

      1. West Valley 72; 2. West 81; 3. Service 89; 4. Dimond 101; 5. Kodiak 145; 6. South 156; 7. Colony 175; 8. Palmer 186; 9. Juneau-Douglas 194; 10. Lathrop 220.

    Division II Girls

      1. Grace Christian 29; 2. Kenai Central 58; 3. Homer 66; 4. Anchorage Christian 105; 5. Monroe Catholic 113; 6. Bethel 150.

    Division II Boys

      1. Grace Christian 20; 2. Sitka 74; 3. Kenai Central 83; 4. Anchorage Christian 95; 5. Homer 96; 6. Nome 181; 7. Galena 197; 8. Hutchison 219.

    Division III Girls

      1. Haines 34; 2. Glennallen 54; 3. Sockeye 58; 4. Petersburg 75.

    Division III Boys

      1. Haines 38; 2. Petersburg 44; 3. Craig 89; 4. Dillingham 105; 5. Unalaska 110; 6. Sockeye 130; 7. Fort Yukon 193.


    Division I Girls

      1. Robyn Miller, South Anchorage 19:10.6; 2. Campbell Peterson, Chugiak 19:27.9; 3. Kiah Dihle, Thunder Mountain 19:40.0; 4. Elliana Zock, South Anchorage 19:43.9; 5. Katey Houser, Palmer 19:49.3; 6. Ella Hopkins, Colony 19:51.8; 7. Payton Smith, West Anchorage 19:55.2; 8. Ava Trembath, Eagle River 19:57.5; 9. Meredith Schwartz, Service 20:03.7; 10. Skyler Belmear, Chugiak 20:06.3; 11. Etta Eller, Juneau Douglas 20:06.8; 12. Abigail Haas, Lathrop 20:07.2; 13. Kiley Dennis, Chugiak 20:19.2; 14. Emily Moore, Chugiak 20:19.9; 15. Addison Capozzi, Chugiak 20:20.9; 16. Rayna Tuckwood, Juneau Douglas 20:23.4; 17. Jordan Ruffner, Soldotna 20:28.4; 18. Annika Schwartz, Juneau Douglas 20:28.7; 19. Riga Grubis, West Valley 20:34.4; 20. Natalie Hood, West Anchorage 20:34.5; 21. Evelyn Wool, West Valley 20:36.2; 22. Shea Alaniva, Colony 20:38.4; 23. Ava Murphy, South Anchorage 20:45.4; 24. Ina Kraus, Eagle River 20:45.9; 25. Ella Atteberry, South Anchorage 20:46.1; 26. Gloria Bailey, West Valley 20:52.6; 27. Maggie Keffalos, South Anchorage 20:54.5; 28. Cameryn Kauffman, South Anchorage 20:56.9; 29. Zoe Rodgers, West Anchorage 21:05.0; 30. McKenna McNutt, Juneau Douglas 21:07.7; 31. Berit Meyers, West Anchorage 21:08.9; 32. Trinity Jackson, Juneau Douglas 21:09.1; 33. Ella Goldstein, Juneau Douglas 21:09.5; 34. Madeleine Reckmeyer, Service 21:09.9; 35. Ayla Baker, Kodiak 21:11.3; 36. Lily Pannkuk, West Anchorage 21:11.8; 37. Amy Pilon, Lathrop 21:13.3; 38. Jordan Strausbaugh, Soldotna 21:32.6; 39. Monica Bustillos, Colony 21:38.1; 40. Lauren Dorris, West Anchorage 21:40.7; 41. Elizabeth Page, South Anchorage 21:42.7; 42. Cassidy Foster, Kodiak 21:49.1; 43. Olivia Manley, West Valley 21:50.1; 44. Ruthie Richardson, Service 21:50.3; 45. Zarah Laker-Morris, West Valley 21:51.4; 46. Rachel Danz, Colony 21:56.3; 47. Sophia Mayers, West Anchorage 21:59.9; 48. Brooklyn Adams Sherban, Service 22:05.6; 49. Abby Novak, Colony 22:05.6; 50. Bailey Peterson, Chugiak 22:12.1; 51. Sage Personett, West Valley 22:14.5; 52. Maisy Morely, Juneau Douglas 22:17.4; 53. Naomi Griffin, Kodiak 22:18.9; 54. Danika Dawley, North Pole 22:23.2; 55. Lucy Shea, Colony 22:23.5; 56. Rachel Hausman, Lathrop 22:29.0; 57. Adria Wuerth, Service 22:33.2; 58. Ada Burrup, Chugiak 22:38.3; 59. Carol Frey, Ketchikan 22:41.4; 60. Madison Roberts, Colony 22:42.3; 61. Alana Lim, Service 22:43.9; 62. Paige Boehlert, Ketchikan 22:47.1; 63. Isabel Baesman, West Valley 22:56.6; 64. Maria Mattox, North Pole 22:59.9; 65. Carly Pilon, Lathrop 23:00.9; 66. Grace Sikes, Thunder Mountain 23:04.2; 67. Mykennan Rinella, Palmer 23:09.7; 68. Abigail Harver, Kodiak 23:17.4; 69. Brianna Gill-Anderson, Service 23:27.5; 70. Kaytlin McAnelly, Soldotna 23:34.4; 71. Emma Lyons, Lathrop 23:46.4; 72. Megan Wittom, Soldotna 23:47.4; 73. Abigail Booton, Thunder Mountain 23:55.8; 74. Paige Hochhalter, Lathrop 23:56.4; 75. Kaidence Shaeffer, Soldotna 24:11.0; 76. Carson Dement, Soldotna 25:05.8; 77. Avery Ciufo, Soldotna 25:32.3; 78. Jaylene DuBose, Lathrop 25:32.3; 79. Hannah McCarthy, Kodiak 25:43.2; 80. Oceana Brockman, Kodiak 26:04.7; 81. Sara Scott, Kodiak 28:08.0.

    Above - JDHS senior Annika Schwartz battles Chugiak sophomore Emily Moore during the state cross-country championships.

    Division I Boys

      1. Daniel Abramowicz, West Valley 16:12.0; 2. Jared Gardiner, Dimond 16:29.9; 3. Fischer Adams, Palmer 16:37.2; 4. Micah Fields, Kodiak 16:37.5; 5. Shane Fisher, West Valley 16:50.3; 6. Isaac Main, West Anchorage 16:53.7; 7. Aaron Power, Service 16:54.3; 8. Tobias Buchanan, Colony 16:58.3; 9. Elias Soule, Service 16:58.8; 10. Brennan Lackey, Wasilla 16:59.7; 11. Justin Lucas, Service 17:01.2; 12. Benjamin Pilon, Lathrop 17:04.0; 13. Ethan Eski, West Anchorage 17:08.6; 14. Joshua Baurick, West Valley 17:08.8; 15. Nicholas Prosser, Dimond 17:09.4; 16. Zac Cheyette, Colony 17:11.9; 17. Ethan Howe, Bettye Davis East 17:15.2; 18. Maxwell Robinson, Kodiak 17:16.5; 19. Max Johnsen, Dimond 17:19.9; 20. Cirdan Vonnahme, West Valley 17:22.1; 21. Tobin Miller, Palmer 17:24.8; 22. Quinn Smith, West Anchorage 17:26.9; 23. Henry Michener, Eagle River 17:28.8; 24. Landon Hayes, Wasilla 17:30.3; 25. Mikhail Turchaninov, West Anchorage 17:33.3; 26. Liam Chisholm, West Anchorage 17:38.2; 27. Mickey Lapinski, Ketchikan 17:42.3; 28. Oliver Wright, West Anchorage 17:43.0; 29. Hatcher Menkens, West Anchorage 17:45.5; 30. Chris Hines, Service 17:45.7; 31. Kyle Fischer, South Anchorage 17:45.8; 32. Owen Young, South Anchorage 17:46.6; 33. AJ Glover, Dimond 17:46.9; 34. Nolan Miller, South Anchorage 17:47.1; 35. Samuel Holst, Juneau Douglas 17:50.5; 36. Blaise Boyer, South Anchorage 17:50.9; 37. Asher James, Lathrop 17:51.9; 38. Eli Crupi, Juneau Douglas 17:53.1; 39. Miles Grimes, Kodiak 17:53.7; 40. Nicholas Buth, West Valley 17:55.4; 41. Ezra Bailey, West Valley 17:56.9; 42. Aubrey Hekkers, Juneau Douglas 17:59.8; 43. Dylan Autrey, Service 18:02.2; 44. Ryan Owens, Palmer 18:03.0; 45. Brodie O Hara, Dimond 18:07.9; 46. Jarrett Jackson, Dimond 18:08.2; 47. Will Robinson, Juneau Douglas 18:09.1; 48. Jason Hutchison, South Anchorage 18:09.1; 49. Ezra West, West Valley 18:10.5; 50. Elias Litzow, Kodiak 18:13.6; 51. Kyle Congdon, Ketchikan 18:14.9; 52. David Castro, Kodiak 18:16.4; 53. Caleb Hilty, Colony 18:17.3; 54. Jevin Lim, Service 18:18.8; 55. Ryan Smith, South Anchorage 18:19.4; 56. Jayden Rice, Colony 18:21.4; 57. Rowan Robinson, South Anchorage 18:22.7; 58. Martin Holst, Juneau Douglas 18:23.3; 59. Joseph Hathaway, Kodiak 18:23.4; 60. Sam Snavely, Lathrop 18:23.4; 61. Matthew Johns, Thunder Mountain 18:25.8; 62. Coby Marvin, Colony 18:26.8; 63. Samuel Fry, Colony 18:30.7; 64. Tias Carney, Juneau Douglas 18:33.7; 65. Ziven Witczak, Palmer 18:35.1; 66. Edgar Vera Alvarado, Juneau Douglas 18:35.6; 67. Wells Wappett, Lathrop 18:43.3; 68. Jace Makamson, Colony 18:44.3; 69. Paul Hlsany, Service 18:44.6; 70. Luke Hale, Lathrop 18:52.9; 71. Aiden Bonin, Lathrop 18:57.4; 72. Nicholas Hecht, Kodiak 19:13.9; 73. Casey Styles, Ketchikan 19:24.2; 74. Darin Tingey, Thunder Mountain 19:29.2; 75. John Pecic, Lathrop 19:41.7; 76. Oles Witczak, Palmer 19:42.8; 77. Carson Deans, Palmer 21:00.4; 78. Jacob “Remi Venema, Palmer 21:10.9; 79. Noa Kam-Magruder, Dimond 21:13.3.

    Above - The starting line of the Division I boys state cross-country race.

    Division II Girls

      1. Jayna Boonstra, Kenai Central 19:47.0; 2. Anna Prussian, Sitka 20:10.5; 3. Megan Nelson, Grace Christian 20:24.0; 4. Kai Waythomas, Grace Christian 21:04.0; 5. Hailey Ingalls, Seward 21:24.8; 6. Mya Campbell, Redington 21:31.9; 7. Eryn Field, Homer 21:31.9; 8. Debbie Brower, Anchorage Christian 21:36.5; 9. Sophia Coverdell, Grace Christian 21:38.4; 10. Georgia Thatcher, Grace Christian 21:38.4; 11. Leah Fallon, Kenai Central 21:40.4; 12. Clare Mullin, Sitka 21:43.8; 13. Elena Badajos, Homer 21:47.0; 14. Emilee Wilson, Kenai Central 21:53.0; 15. Faith Model, Grace Christian 21:54.5; 16. Katie Bast, Monroe Catholic 21:55.9; 17. Jeannie Cook, Monroe Catholic 22:03.6; 18. Elise Metzger, Grace Christian 22:15.0; 19. Frida Renner, Homer 22:18.7; 20. Rebekah Annett, Grace Christian 22:26.3; 21. Summer Foster, Kenai Central 22:36.4; 22. Adelyn McCorison, Homer 22:38.6; 23. Faith Carter, Anchorage Christian 22:38.7; 24. AwaLuk Nichols, Nome-Beltz 23:05.0; 25. Bea McDonough, Homer 23:11.3; 26. Payton Boney, Bethel 23:51.1; 27. Addie Poulson, Sitka 23:58.9; 28. Gabriella News, Kenai Central 23:59.4; 29. Fiona Phelan, Bethel 24:16.0; 30. Emily Moss, Kenai Central 24:18.3; 31. Autumn Vanderlugt, Monroe Catholic 24:21.0; 32. Natalie Tobuk, Nome-Beltz 24:35.1; 33. Grace Pearson, Delta Junction 24:41.2; 34. Abby Timmcke, Anchorage Christian 24:42.4; 35. Jordan Timmcke, Anchorage Christian 24:46.5; 36. Jelsey Gologergen, Mt. Edgecumbe 25:09.3; 37. Caroline Bohlman, Anchorage Christian 25:12.2; 38. Della Medlin, Nome-Beltz 25:12.9; 39. Mya Taylor, Kenai Central 25:27.1; 40. Anika Palomar, Valdez 25:28.2; 41. Leah Dunn, Homer 25:34.4; 42. Zaida Baldwin, Kotzebue 25:39.7; 43. Miranda Wilkerson, Monroe Catholic 25:42.0; 44. Aries Bioff, Mt. Edgecumbe 25:42.2; 45. Nadia Chernich, Monroe Catholic 25:49.9; 46. McKenna Black, Homer 25:53.7; 47. Jordan Klejka, Bethel 26:02.7; 48. Cadence Cedars, Bethel 26:03.5; 49. Katelyn Piper, Kotzebue 26:05.3; 50. Sable Scotten, Galena 26:13.7; 51. Erin Hendricks, Monroe Catholic 26:29.9; 52. Maitlin Young, Sitka 26:47.7; 53. Sarah Bahnke, Mt. Edgecumbe 26:57.5; 54. Maya Komulainen, Bethel 27:05.9; 55. Alqaq Small, Bethel 27:05.9; 56. Sarah Nanouk-Jones, Mt. Edgecumbe 27:28.0; 57. Morgan Hamilton, Valdez 27:46.7; 58. Anya Simard, Monroe Catholic 29:07.3; 59. Jade Thurmond, Galena 31:08.4; 60. Beth Hensley, Bethel 32:05.0.

    Division II Boys

      1. David Sliwinski, Grace Christian 16:44.9; 2. Seth Lochmann, Grace Christian 16:48.7; 3. Josh Brower, Anchorage Christian 16:49.0; 4. Aiden Zingone, Grace Christian 16:57.2; 5. Ben Thatcher, Grace Christian 17:02.5; 6. Gregory Fallon, Kenai Central 17:07.7; 7. Silas Demmert, Sitka 17:10.0; 8. Ty Elliott, Grace Christian 17:10.7; 9. Seamus McDonough, Homer 17:14.4; 10. Annan Weiland, Sitka 17:17.4; 11. Robbie Annett, Grace Christian 17:18.0; 12. Preston Merchant, Anchorage Christian 17:22.9; 13. Preston Wethington, Grace Christian 17:27.7; 14. Jack Laker, Kenai Central 17:39.9; 15. Nolan Warren, Anchorage Christian 18:17.5; 16. Joe Hamilton, Kenai Central 18:19.3; 17. Trey Demmert, Sitka 18:22.1; 18. Lance Seneff, Homer 18:24.5; 19. Asa Dow, Sitka 18:24.6; 20. Adams Veldstra, Homer 18:28.4; 21. Landon Smith, Bethel 18:35.5; 22. Hank Maxwell, Sitka 18:36.7; 23. Armands Veksejs, Kenai Central 18:41.4; 24. Brock Barth, Homer 18:46.4; 25. Colton Ewes, Sitka 18:47.3; 26. Tyler Hippchen, Kenai Central 18:47.7; 27. Jody Goodrich, Homer 18:48.4; 28. Damon Weisser, Homer 18:52.6; 29. Connor Hitchcock, Sitka 18:56.5; 30. Micah Tedrick, Anchorage Christian 19:00.2; 31. Gabriel Angaiak, Monroe Catholic 19:03.5; 32. Preston Kopp, Galena 19:04.6; 33. Caedon Merriner, Galena 19:04.6; 34. Son Erikson, Nome-Beltz 19:06.3; 35. Orson Hoogendorn, Nome-Beltz 19:09.7; 36. Gabe Haas, Delta Junction 19:11.1; 37. Finn Gregg, Nome-Beltz 19:17.0; 38. Peter Crow, Bethel 19:20.9; 39. Elliott Evans, Hutchison 19:21.0; 40. Jacob Friske, Mt. Edgecumbe 19:23.0; 41. Landon Varga, Mt. Edgecumbe 19:36.7; 42. Stryder Kronberger, Anchorage Christian 19:39.1; 43. Finn Hornfischer, Galena 19:41.7; 44. Felix Prim, Hutchison 19:47.1; 45. Nathan Haakenson, Kenai Central 19:51.1; 46. Colin McFarland, Nome-Beltz 19:59.7; 47. Jaden Andrews, Mt. Edgecumbe 20:06.8; 48. Ezra Jones, Kotzebue 20:08.3; 49. Daniel Szepanski, Anchorage Christian 20:12.7; 50. Jon Smith, Nome-Beltz 20:14.1; 51. Rafe Caruthers, Valdez 20:17.0; 52. Seth Burke, Hutchison 20:19.0; 53. Paris Hebel, Nome-Beltz 20:21.4; 54. Aiden Brost, Homer 20:23.1; 55. George Wright, Kenai Central 20:30.2; 56. Hayden Leeper, Nome-Beltz 20:35.8; 57. William Benes, Valdez 20:41.0; 58. Elijah Szepanski, Anchorage Christian 20:43.1; 59. Landon Ogburn, Ben Eielson 21:31.1; 60. Aiden Bullard, Delta Junction 21:53.7; 61. Payton Cleaver, Galena 22:07.1; 62. Cassidy Huntington, Galena 22:21.8; 63. John Bauer, Monroe Catholic 23:01.2; 64. James Kignak, Hutchison 23:32.6; 65. Wesley Hulbert, Hutchison 29:20.2.

    Division III Girls

      1. Ariel Godinez-Long, Haines 20:31.1; 2. Teagan Rude, Glennallen 21:26.1; 3. Liana Carney, Wrangell 21:40.5; 4. Kenai Holien, Klawock 22:19.8; 5. Grace Long, Haines 22:26.7; 6. Brynna Gerlach, Glennallen 22:36.2; 7. Shayauna Bukowski, Nenana 22:46.6; 8. Kinley Lister, Petersburg 22:54.0; 9. Mackenzie Dryden, Haines 23:13.6; 10. Alianna Voran, Sockeye 23:16.2; 11. Kyla Jones, Klawock 23:21.3; 12. Cheyenne Fields, Glennallen 23:22.1; 13. Mamie Crooks, Kake 23:24.0; 14. Aileen Lester, Sockeye 23:35.4; 15. Meadow Phelps, Sockeye 23:39.5; 16. Avari Getchell, Haines 23:39.5; 17. Ella Wardell, Sockeye 23:56.4; 18. Lexi Johnson, Klawock 24:08.8; 19. Ernie Joe, Hooper Bay 24:17.5; 20. Avery Williamson, Haines 24:20.9; 21. Arriana Woods, Dillingham 24:24.8; 22. Michelle Atcherian, Chevak 24:30.3; 23. Alexus Sakamoto Quezon, Petersburg 24:43.7; 24. Autumn Barr, Shishmaref 25:09.3; 25. Kate Thompson, Petersburg 25:26.8; 26. Sal Chapell, Haines 25:29.5; 27. Angelina Chiklak, Chevak 25:32.0; 28. Madeline Newman, King Cove 25:58.2; 29. Adalgisa Reigh, Dillingham 26:19.0; 30. Ariana Tall, Hooper Bay 26:22.6; 31. Ashlyn Ganey, Haines 26:22.6; 32. Marisa Boliver, Marshall 26:33.4; 33. Jillian Jackson, Kake 26:40.2; 34. Deirdre Toyomura, Petersburg 26:46.4; 35. Margo Daniels, Unalakleet 27:18.4; 36. Cheyenne Steeves, Aniak 27:19.1; 37. Bella Ranck, Glennallen 27:20.5; 38. Lanae Philips, Aniak 27:28.9; 39. Jasmine Simons, Nelson Island 27:58.9; 40. Kaleigh Neketa, Sockeye 28:04.4; 41. Arianna Wilson, Sand Point 28:10.5; 42. Irene Chakuchin, Nelson Island 28:17.4; 43. Alexa Esnardo, Unalaska 28:19.3; 44. Cedar Busk, Unalakleet 28:20.0; 45. Rosemary Henry, Nelson Island 28:47.0; 46. Stacey Carlos, Unalaska 28:54.6; 47. Erin Martin, Dillingham 29:08.5; 48. Ava Holmberg, Sand Point 29:13.3; 49. Glennesha Carl, Ayaprun 29:27.8; 50. Mia Ranck, Glennallen 29:33.5; 51. Kaitlyn Gilman, Unalaska 29:34.4; 52. Keitha Philip, Akiachak 30:20.0; 53. Mariah Nash, Chevak 30:31.0; 54. Jenna John, Effie Kokrine 30:49.3; 55. Isabella Hoppe, Klawock 31:46.6; 56. Kylirose Paniptchuk, Effie Kokrine 31:56.5; 57. Mia Bobowski, Glennallen 32:01.1; 58. Judy Allen, Kiana 32:57.1; 59. Michele Andrews, St. Mary’s 33:00.0; 60. Flora Prince, St. Mary’s 33:04.6; 61. Tianna Lewis, King Cove 35:15.1; 62. Autumn Never, Ayaprun 36:59.0; 63. Lakell Deinhardt, Petersburg 37:58.3; 64. Naureen George, St. Mary’s 38:16.7; 65. Janette Killbear, Harold Kavelook 38:39.0.

    Division III Boys

      1. Uriah Lucas, Petersburg 17:38.7; 2. Leo Wald, Haines 17:47.3; 3. Justin Trail, Nikolaevsk 18:01.9; 4. Daniel Wardell, Sockeye 18:14.8; 5. Michael Durkin, Petersburg 18:15.4; 6. Luke Davis, Haines 18:19.3; 7. Isaac Titus, Scammon Bay 18:23.0; 8. Kaleb Jones, Haines 18:28.7; 9. Rogan Hanson, Craig 18:37.9; 10. Demetry Hoseth, Dillingham 18:38.0; 11. Daniel Harrison, Wrangell 18:45.1; 12. Nathaneal Severs, Glennallen 18:47.0; 13. Kona Atkins, Gustavus 18:58.3; 14. Marley Kness, Klawock 18:58.7; 15. Latrell Lake, Hooper Bay 19:00.9; 16. Herwin Riodil, Unalaska 19:19.5; 17. Gaelen Allen, Haines 19:28.2; 18. Valon Weathers, Petersburg 19:31.3; 19. Chase Lister, Petersburg 19:39.1; 20. Kanayaq Ivanoff, Unalakleet 19:39.3; 21. Keegan Hanson, Craig 19:43.1; 22. Graelin Chaney, Dillingham 19:55.4; 23. Dominic Ross, Kake 19:58.2; 24. Evan Durco, Gustavus 19:59.0; 25. Logan Borcik, Haines 20:00.0; 26. Kieran Cabral, Petersburg 20:00.2; 27. Eric Gillham, Haines 20:07.9; 28. Breiland Willis, Petersburg 20:08.3; 29. Sean Lupie, Kongiganak 20:09.8; 30. Nic Kitsyk, Unalaska 20:12.5; 31. Dalton Henry, Haines 20:13.4; 32. Ace Hill, Chevak 20:20.5; 33. Sam Bass, Craig 20:21.1; 34. Isaac Gundersen, Sand Point 20:22.7; 35. Sigurd Napoka, Tuluksak 20:25.9; 36. Ty Kolbe, Dillingham 20:28.0; 37. Daniel Aspery, Craig 20:28.9; 38. Darquel Agwiak, Ignatius Beans 20:36.0; 39. Matthew Panruk II, Chaputnguak 20:36.4; 40. Jesus Acosta Chan, Unalaska 20:37.5; 41. Jesse Nanuk, Hooper Bay 20:46.9; 42. Colin Rice, Craig 20:50.2; 43. Jeri Dan, Nenana 20:50.7; 44. Sherman Kelila, Aniak 20:55.7; 45. Caleb Lutomski, Petersburg 21:07.2; 46. Nathaniel Jensen, Emmonak 21:08.6; 47. Raymond Chanar, Nelson Island 21:09.8; 48. KC Balbarino, Unalaska 21:17.3; 49. Bryant Sun, Shungnak 21:24.1; 50. Ethan Fagerstrom, Martin L Olson 21:25.6; 51. Zachary Kolbe, Dillingham 21:45.3; 52. Felton Albert, Nelson Island 21:48.5; 53. Kyler Kangas, Effie Kokrine 21:48.8; 54. Smitka Delkittie, Sockeye 21:54.8; 55. Keilan Wassillie, Sockeye 21:55.9; 56. Charlie Moyer, Unalaska 21:56.3; 57. Trevor Dolge, Kenny Lake 21:59.0; 58. Pete Hill, Sockeye 22:11.8; 59. Kenneth Snyder, Akiachak 22:13.2; 60. Hugh Reynolds, Dillingham 22:16.5; 61. Ki’naatsu Alexander, Fort Yukon 22:17.2; 62. Jordan Korth, Glennallen 22:28.9; 63. Eldred Paradeza, Unalaska 22:29.4; 64. Jadyn Barr, White Mountain 22:56.9; 65. David Beans II, St. Mary’s 23:09.6; 66. Chancellor Griffith, Sand Point 23:34.5; 67. Rayden Woods, Sockeye 23:38.6; 68. Jeremiah Beach, Effie Kokrine 23:50.6; 69. Alec Mills, Kiana 23:51.3; 70. Logan Iyapana, King Cove 24:02.7; 71. Landin Robinson, Glennallen 24:07.3; 72. Blake Carroll, Fort Yukon 24:42.8; 73. Caleb Kamuck, St. Mary’s 25:06.5; 74. Evan Neketa III, Dillingham 25:16.3; 75. Ayden Alexander, Fort Yukon 25:58.6; 76. Jager Sean Brandell, King Cove 26:15.7; 77. Gaven Hills, Nenana 26:35.9; 78. Brayden Abraham, Chaputnguak 27:25.4; 79. Leo Long, St. Mary’s 27:31.9; 80. Tanner Smith, Craig 30:20.3; 81. John Tikluk, Harold Kavelook 33:09.1; 82. Ryan Strom, Fort Yukon 34:15.7; 83. River Peter, Fort Yukon 34:27.0; 84. Edwin Solomon, Harold Kavelook 43:10.2.

    Above - State cross-country championship Division III race winner Uriah Lucas (209) of Petersburg battles Sockeye junior Daniel Wardell (234) during the race.

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