Falcons' Foy Breaks Pool Records at Ketchikan Swim Meet

    Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas Yadaa.at Kalé were among five high schools participating in the Ketchikan Invitational Swim & Dive Meet last week.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Thunder Mountain High School sophomore swimmer Patrick Foy set Ketchikan’s Gateway Aquatic Center on fire last week with three of the fastest times the Kings GAC water has seen between the lane lines.

      Foy hit 51.67 seconds in the 100 fly, one minute 43.86 in the 200 free and 4:49.56 in the 500 free.

      The Thunder Mountain boys and girls swim teams topped the combined two-day standings with Juneau-Douglas Yadaa.at Kalé second, Ketchikan third, Craig fourth, Wrangell fifth and Petersburg sixth.

      This was the first non-virtual meet in a year due to the novel coronavirus. Spectators were not allowed inside the aquatic center, as the Ketchikan School District’s operating risk level was “high,” and it was a school sponsored event. Participants wore masks around the pool deck when they were not competing in an event.

      Top times in Friday action saw the Crimson Bears girls 200 medley relay team of Tahlia Gerger, Emma Fellman, Samantha Schwarting and Pacific Ricke win in 1:55.19, just ahead of the Falcons Caitlin Sanders, Jamie Heidersdorf, Nancy Liddle and Alex Jenkins in 1:56.05. The pool record was 1:49.69 set by Ketchikan in 2012. JDs Chaz VanSlyke, Chris Degener, Matthew Plang and Tytan Frawley took the boys 200 MR in 1:44:00 (pool rec. 1:40.60 Sitka 2012).

      TMs Liddle won the 200 free in 2:04.48 with JDs Ricke second in 2:07.61 (pool rec. 1:58.54 Ciera Kelly 2012). Foy topped the boys in a new pool record 1:43.86 with JDs VanSlyke second in 1:52.67.

      JDs Schwarting won the girls 200 IM in 2:19.09 (pool rec. 2:07.49 Mia Ruffin 2016). JDsFrawley won the boys in 2:03.43 (pool rec. 1:59.92 Louis Belley 2012).

      Wrangell’s Renee Roberts won the 50 free in 25.73 (pool rec. 24.26 Ciera Kelly 2014) with TMs Sanders second in 25.94. Craig’s Ethan Dill won the boys in 22.63 with TMs Karthik Sanguni second in 22.95 (pool rec. 21.70 Abel Aulbach 2012).

      TMs Liddle won the girls 100 fly in 1:03.44 (pool rec. 58.2 Ciera Kelly 2012) and WRGs Nikolai Siekawitch the boys in 55.84 with JDs Plang second in 56.54 (pool rec. 52.26 Spencer Holt 2016).

      TMs Olivia Mills won the girls 100 free in 56.46 (pool rec. 54.95 Jessica Davis 2017) and CRGs Wes Mank the boys in 51.25 (pool rec. 47.51 Abel Aulbach 2012).

      JDs Schwarting won the girls 500 free in 5:28.64 (pool rec. 5:23.70 Maddy Stephens 2012) and Foy the boys in a new record 4:49.56 with JDs Frawley second in 5:00.29.

      TMs Jenkins, Heidersdorf, Mills and Sanders won the girls 200 free relay in 1:47.62 with JDs Gerger, Madelyn Boman, Anita Morrison and Addy Mallot second in 1:51.66 (pool rec. 1:39.57 Sitka 2016). TMs Benson Boudreaux, Samson Anderson, Sanguni and Foy won the boys in 1:32.78 with JDs Adrell Mulgrew-Truitt, Plang, Degener and Aaron Mulgrew-Truitt second in 1:34.65 (pool rec. 1:31.13 TMHS 2012).

      JDs Gerger won the girls 100 back in 1:04.70 (pool rec. 58.47 Jessica Davis 2016) and JDs VanSlyke the boys in 58.57 (pool rec. 53.60 Louis Belley).

      JDs Fellman won the girls 100 breast in 1:07.89 (pool rec. 1:04.82 Mia Ruffin 2016) and TMs Sanguni the boys in 1:05.17 (pool rec. 58.37 Bergen Davis 2016).

      JDs Schwarting, Parker Boman, Fellman and Ricke won the girls 400 free relay in 3:59.09 (pool rec. 3:39.24 Kayhi 2012) and JDs VanSlyke, Aaron and Adrell Mulgrew-Truitt, and Frawley the boys in 3:25.30 with TMs Boudreaux, Anderson, Kristofer Ely and Foy second in 3:25.90 (pool rec. 3:18.56 Sitka 2012).

    KTNs Emily Boiling and Kellyn Briggs swept the girls diving with 162.70 and 112.50, respectively (pool rec. 194.55 Sam Sharp). TMs Stig Cunningham topped the boys with 181, followed by TMs Owen Berger 175, Brayden DeTienne-Falls 158.05, Samuel Kiessling 154.05, Paul Smith 144.25 and JDs Jackson Marx 142.30 (pool rec. 241.55 Cian Hart).

      Friday combined team scores: 1. TMHS 325; 2. JDHS 311; 3. Ketchikan 105; 4. Craig 93; 5. Wrangell 73; 6. Petersburg 28.

      Saturday Winners (top two):

      200 MR. Girls - JD Ricke, Fellman, Schwarting, P.Boman 1:58.53, TM G. Anderson, Heidersdorf, N. Brakes-Hines, T. Smith 2:08.92; Boys - TM Foy, Sanguni, Sven Rasmussen, Boudreaux 1:42.12, JD VanSlyke, Frawley, Lang, Ar. Mulgrew-Truitt 1:43.25.

      200 Free. Girls - JD Schwarting 2:03.71, JD Gerger 2:08.81; Boys - JD Degener 1:57.58, JD Ad.Mulgrew-Truitt 1:59.48.

      200 IM. Girls - TM Liddle 2:22.33, JD Anita Morrison 2:37.02; Boys - JD VanSlyke 2:04.58, JD Plang 2:12.08.

      50 Free. Girls - WRG Roberts 25.38, TM Mills 25.40; Boys WRG Siekawitch 22:59, CRG Mank 22.62.

      100 Fly. Girls - TM Mills 1:09.61, TM Heidersdorf 1:10.08; Boys - TM Foy 51.67, JD VanSlyke 53.89.

      100 Free. Girls - WRG Roberts 56.53, TM Sanders 57.04; Boys - JD Frawley 48.76, TM Sanguni 51.52.

      500 Free. Girls - TM Liddle 5:37.26, JD Gerger 5:50.44; Boys - TM Rasmussen 5:11.16, KTN Klinger 5:52.72.

      200 FR. Girls - JD Schwarting, E.Boman, Fellman, Ricke 1:48.39, TM J.Chester, T.Smith, G.Anderson, S.Jenkins 1:59.37; Boys - CRG W.Mank, Maygren, E.Mank, Dill 1:34.75, WRG Baggen, Messmer, Siekawitch, Roberts 1:38.52.

      100 Back. Girls - JD Schwarting 1:02.56, TM Sanders 1:03.71; Boys - CRG Dill 57.14, TM Sanguni 1:00.47.

      100 Breast. Girls - TM Heidersdorf 1:12.40, JD P.Boman 1:13.09; Boys - TM Foy 59.18, WRG Siekawitch 1:03.75.

      400 FR. Girls - TM Liddle, Mills, A.Jenkins, Sanders 3:57.56, JD Morrison, Mallot, M.Boman, Gerger 4:13.40; Boys - TM Sanguni, Rasmussen, Ely, Boudreaux 3:37.32, CRG Mank, Maygren, Rice, Dill 3:46.81.

      Dive. Girls - KTN Boiling 160.05, KTN Briggs 133.30; Boys - TM Cunningham 184.30, Berger 160.70, DeTienne-Falls 146.25, JD Marx 140.85, Ar.Mulgrew-Truitt 134.70, TM Smith 133.10, Kiessling 129.05, JD Adrian Whitney 97.30.

      Saturday combined team scores: 1. TM 308; 2. JD 304; 3. KTN 155; 4. CRG 102; 5. WRG 81; 6. PSG 34.

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