Crimson Bears, Falcons Shake up Runs in Dual Course Duel

    Juneau-Douglas sophomore Etta Eller, shown in an earlier season race, had the fastest combined female time in the Friday/Saturday Fun Meet last weekend. (Klas Stolpe)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Thunder Mountain High School Falcons and Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé Crimson Bears harriers looked for a different way to continue celebrating the return to cross-country running and integrate their large rosters of runners.

      The teams held two races over the weekend.

      On Friday evening class races were held at TMHS along the Horse Loop Plus 2.5 kilometer course starting with the junior and senior runners leaving first and then the freshmen and sophomore runners starting.

      On Saturday a "reverse pursuit" style race was held along the Eaglecrest Ski Area 2.4 kilometer course.  The final finisher of Friday's race started first with every other runner starting after that based on how many minutes/seconds they were ahead of Friday's final finisher. A handicapped run of sorts.

      Following are the final combined times for both female and male runners who participated on both days.

    2-Day Total Time Results (school, grade, gender, name, time):

    JDHS, 12, M Sam Holst, 16:10:00

    TMHS, 12, M Matthew Johns, 16:14:00

    JDHS, 12, M, Aubrey Heckers, 16:16:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Philip Crupi, 16:24:00

    JDHS, 11, M Will Robinson, 16:30:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Martin Holst, 16:33:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Malachi Piemann, 16:46:00

    JDHS, 12, M Tias Carney, 16:53:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Edgar Vera Alvarado, 16:55:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Finn Kesey, 16:58:00

    TMHS, 10, M Calvin Knapp, 17:04:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Caden Mesdag, 17:33:00

    JDHS, 12, M, Colton Johns, 17:35:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Leif St Clair, 17:37:00

    JDHS, 9, M, Shem Stitz, 17:46:00

    JDHS, 9, M, Nick Iverson, 17:58:00

    JDHS, 10, F, Etta Eller, 18:02:00

    JDHS, 9, M, Joshua Reed, 18:04:00

    JDHS, 12, M, Owen Costello, 18:06:00

    JDHS, 12, M, Ben Goldstein, 18:17:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Sage Janes, 18:18:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Kyle Dusenberry, 18:20:00

    TMHS, 11, M, Ben Erickson, 18:27:00

    TMHS, 12, M, Cade Babcock, 18:40:00

    JDHS, 9, M, Reed Maier, 18:48:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Owen Woodruff, 18:52:00

    JDHS, 12, F, McKenna McNutt, 18:55:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Annika Schwartz, 18:55:00

    JDHS, 10, F, Rayna Tuckwood, 18:56:00

    TMHS, 12, F, Grace Sikes, 19:17:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Quinn Quiroga, 19:17:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Ida Meyer, 19:23:00

    JDHS, 10, F, Maisy Morley, 19:24:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Robbie Gabel, 19:25:00

    JDHS, 12, M, Zayden Schijvens, 19:25:00

    JDHS, 9, M, Finn Lamb, 19:44:00

    TMHS, 10, M, Justin Scussel, 19:46:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Trinity Jackson, 19:51:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Celia Wheeler, 19:52:00

    JDHS, 12, M, Jake Sleppy, 19:53:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Mathias Paden, 19:55:00

    JDHS, 9, M, Ferguson Wheeler, 19:55:00

    JDHS, 10, F, Ruby Rivas, 20:08:00

    JDHS, 11, F, Skylar Tuckwood, 20:10:00

    JDHS, 11, F, Lizzie Stitz, 20:19:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Lindsay McTague, 20:24:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Layne Cutnose, 20:44:00

    TMHS, 12, F, Katie Ortega, 20:48:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Jack Schwarting, 20:51:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Ashlie Stringer, 20:52:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Kelton Griffith, 21:00:00

    JDHS, 10, F, Ava Newell, 21:07:00

    TMHS, 12, F, Abigail Booton, 21:23:00

    TMHS, 11, F, Mackenzie Olver, 21:29:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Edward Hu, 21:32:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Natanya Reed, 21:41:00

    JDHS, 10, M, Harrison Coutu, Harrison 22:00:00

    TMHS, 10, F, Sophia Owen, 22:03:00

    TMHS, 12, F, Hailey Dompeling, 22:20:00

    JDHS, 11, F, Cara Hollingsworth, 22:26:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Bruno Malacha, 22:27:00

    TMHS, 10, M, Casey Knapp, 22:28:00

    TMHS, 11, M, Michael Wittig, 22:43:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Ben Sikes, 22:57:00

    JDHS, 11, F, Mariah Kadinger, 23:14:00

    TMHS, 12, F, Ruchi Haight, 23:17:00

    JDHS, 11, F, Makayla Neal, 23:19:00

    JDHS, 10, F, Genevieve Pikul, 23:21:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Elijah Levy, 23:25:00

    JDHS, 12, F, Marina Lloyd, 23:25:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Cerys Hudson, 24:01:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Ellie Yerkes, 24:24:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Acey Wall, 24:54:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Addie Bus, 25:46:00

    JDHS, 11, M, Reece Dusenberry, 26:25:00

    TMHS, 12, F, Naomi Olver, 26:35:00

    TMHS, 10, F, Shaylen Montgomery, 28:12:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Mary Johnson, 28:17:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Bailey Roguska, 29:38:00

    JDHS, 9, F, Kayla Peter, 30:00:00

    TMHS, 9, M, Thomas Rice, 30:13:00

    TMHS, 9, F, Dorothy Germain, 31:24:00

    Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé senior Sam Holst, shown in a meet earlier this season, had the fastest combined male time in the Friday/Saturday Fun Meet last weekend. (Klas Stolpe)

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