Capital City Kids Crush Region V Championship Pool Times

    JDHS junior Gabby Brown competes in the women's one meter diving during the Region V swim and dive championships, in Ketchikan. (photo courtesy Dustin Safranek/Ketchikan Daily News)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau-Douglas Kalé senior Tytan Frawley, sophomore Samantha Schwarting and freshman Emma Fellman and Thunder Mountain sophomores PJ Foy and Olivia Mills all won two individual events at the Region V Swim & Dive Championships Saturday in Ketchikan and were part of relay winning teams, a testament to the hard work both programs put into their sport.

      The Crimson Bears won the boys’ and girls’ team titles.

      Frawley, who began swimming at age six, noted the camaraderie among the team.

    “I think it was a real team effort and I’m happy to have done it with all my friends, you know,” Frawley said. “My last year, hopefully I’m setting a good example for these freshmen.”

      He was also proud of his coaches’ efforts in helping him get to this point.

    “I think it is good to be back on the horse,” he said. “I think I’m just about back where I was two years ago. It feels pretty good to be as good as I was back then.”

      Frawley won the boys 200 free (1:46.79) and 500 free (4:56.63) and swam the anchor leg behind junior Harrison Holt, freshman Matthew Plang and junior Chaz VanSlyke to win the 200 medley relay (1:39.16). Frawley also anchored VanSlyke, senior Adrell Mulgrew-Truitt and Holt to win the 400 free relay (3:20.75). VanSlyke added a win in the 100 fly (52.56).

      Frawley said you don’t get used to the tapering process.

      “You never really get used to it,” he said. “It’s kind of like you get used to the hard work and then you are not trying to work as hard so you can work harder in the late game, but your body still doesn’t want to, like, go light or go heavy. It just kind of wants to be in the middle.”

      That taper is leading to next weekend’s state championships.

      “I’m looking forward to the experience of it all you know,” he said. “It’s a real great thing to go to state. You have a bunch of friends that are going as well and I think it is going to be a sweet taste, a last taste, of high school swimming for me. It’s just going to be a good feeling for me and that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the feeling, and not really trying to go for a title but if I pick it up along the way, I mean, it would be great.”

      He noted it was time to just swim hard and have fun.

      “That’s the whole goal there,” he said. “But also my goal. I think that’s the whole team’s goal, really.”

      Frawley and classmates Mulgrew-Truitt, Madelyn Boman, Tahlia Gerger, Addison Mallott, Jackson Marx and Adrian Whitney also earned All Academic awards.

      “I think that is a really nice thing to have,” he said. “It’s a good example. I remember looking up to all the seniors getting their All Academic awards my freshman year and I hope the freshmen that are on the team this year can maybe see me the same way.”

      Thunder Mountain’s Foy set the only new Region V Championship record in the meet, smashing the 100 breaststroke mark with 56.60. He also set a Ketchikan pool record in the 200 IM (1:55.35).

      “I feel really good about it,” Foy said. “My hard work has paid off. I really have to put the credit on my team and my coaches. They have really pushed me to be able to get this far. It is as much of a team sport as it is an individual. They push me more than I could ever hope to thank them.”

      Foy swam anchor leg behind sophomore Benson Boudreaux and seniors Samson Anderson and Karthik Sanguni to win the 200 free relay (1:31.52) and placed second in the 200 medley relay (1:39.45) swimming anchor to Boudreaux, Sanguni and junior Sven Rasmussen.

      Foy said he is excited to swim well at state.

      “I am also kind of nervous,” he said. “COVID hit last year and I wasn’t able to go to state so this is going to be my first time, so I kind of feel like a freshman.”

      Foy doesn’t swim like a freshman.

      “My coaches have been training me hard to be able to get to the point that I am at now,” he said. “I trained all the strokes and both of my coaches, because I consulted with my club coach as well, thought that I should do IM because I was doing that before high school season and during, but I mostly just do what my coach thinks is best for me.”

    Said Foy: “Regions is just like any other meet we have had this season, expect there is more pressure. Everybody was nervous around each other but I feel like my team helped each other get through that. We comforted each other. We were there when other people needed it and that really pushed us to succeed as a team.”

      Foy noted there will be pressure at state.

      “The way I try to combat it is with humor,” he said. “I try to keep everybody happy. We have fun. We are in game mode when we need to be but when we’re not we try to lighten the mood.”

      To swim fans Foy said, “It doesn’t matter how much you individually work. It is overall the people around you that will help you do your best, but individual work is important as well.

      The Crimson Bears’ Schwarting won the girls 200 free (1:57.79) and 500 free (5:31.46).

      “I’m really happy about it,” she said. “I think I can definitely go faster at state. We’re not fully tapered yet. I’m very happy with how I swam.”

      Schwarting noted that the tapering was on schedule and she was excited about state.

      “I felt great in the water. It’s nice to … just be in that environment. I’m super excited. I’m a sophomore and I didn’t even get to go to state last year so it’s super exciting. I’m looking forward to getting to race other girls that I haven’t gotten to race before or just not in a long time. I feel like in regions I didn’t get to have a good race, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

      Schwarting said the team atmosphere at regions was crucial.

    “It’s so fun,” she said. “It’s just so fun to be with everyone and get experience with everyone, especially, like, the seniors. The last meet for some of them, so it’s super fun.”

      Fellman won the girls 200 IM (2:16.10) and 100 breast (1:09.17).

      “I’m pretty happy with them,” Fellman said. “I feel like I can definitely go faster at state with the other girls to race and I felt pretty good beginning taper and so that will help me for state. Tapering is, like, you do lots of short sprints and it does something that makes you really fast and lots of rest helps you recover.”

      Schwarting and Fellman teamed with senior Gerger and freshman Pacific Ricke to win the 200 medley relay (1:52.41) and 400 free relay (3:49.10).

      Fellman noted that the Crimson Bears double team championship was special because the last was in 2007, when her coaches swam.

      “It feels really really good,” she said. “I think it is especially cool that our coaches were on the team last time this happened and that is extra special.”

      Fellman was asked if the current team is faster than the coaches’ championship team.

      “I think we are definitely faster than them,” she said.

      Fellman, who started swimming at age five, added a thank you to swim fans in Juneau for their support and noted regions was high on her list of favorite swim memories.

      “I think this definitely tops it just because it was so much with the team and it was just a lot more special than others,” she said.

      The Falcons’ Mills won two of swimming’s showpiece races, the 50 free (24.96) and 100 free (54.75).

      Mills also swam the third leg behind juniors Sadie and Alex Jenkins and in front of freshman Caitlin Sanders to win the 200 free relay (1:42.04) and placed second in the 200 medley relay (1:53.29) anchoring Sanders and seniors Jamie Heidersdorf and Nancy Liddle.

      TMHS freshman Brayden DeTienne-Falls topped the boys diving board for the Falcons. Following are the Region V results.


          Combined Team Scores

      1. JDHS, 301.5; 2. TMHS, 269.5; 3. KETCHIKAN, 147; 4. CRAIG, 138; 5. SITKA, 98; 6. WRANGELL, 47; 7. HAINES, 27; 8. PETERSBURG, 17.

         Girls Team Scores

      1. JDHS 157 points; 2. TMHS 140; 3. KAYHI 66; 4. CRAIG 58; SITKA 46; 5. HAINES 27; 6. WRG 14.

          Boys Team Scores

      1. JDHS 144.5 points; 2. TMHS 129.5; 3. KAYHI 81; 4. CRAIG 80; 5. SITKA 52; 6. WRG 33; 7. PSG 17.

          Girls 200 Medley Relay

    1. JDHS (Gerger, Tahlia SR, Fellman, Emma FR, Schwarting, Samantha SO, Ricke, Pacific FR), 1:52.41; 2. TMHS (Sanders, Caitlin FR, Heidersdorf, Jamie SR, Liddle, Nancy SR, Mills, Olivia SO), 1:53.29; 3. CRAIG (Lehman, Manami SO, Wells, Taiya  FR, Creighton, Ada FR, Nelson, Sierra SR), 2:01.75; 4. SITKA (Morrison, Meriedi FR, Alley, Kanen JR, Gassman, Emma JR, Guillory, Razie SR), 2:07.75; 5. KAYHI (Elerding, Ava JR, Sambrano, Myleigh FR, Olson, Lauren SR, Bullock, Kristall SO), 2:11.69; 6. HAINES (Tormey, Fiona SO, Bell, Camelia FR, Chapell, Lucia FR, Dohrn, Emma FR), 2:21.08.

          Boys 200 Medley Relay

    1. JDHS (Holt, Harrison JR, Plang, Matthew FR, VanSlyke, Chaz JR, Frawley, Tytan SR), 1:39.16; 2. TMHS (Boudreaux, Benson SO, Sanguni, Karthik SR, Rasmussen, Sven JR, Foy, Patrick SO), 1:39.45; 3. CRAIG (Mank, Wes FR, Maygren, Grant FR, Dill, Ethan SR, Mank, Elias SO), 1:43.25; 4. SITKA (Turner, Benjamin JR, Stevens, Brandon JR, Rice, Matt JR, Costelo, Jaden SO), 1:49.28; 5. WRG (Messmer, Tyson SR, Siekawitch, Nikolai JR, Baggen, Jimmy SR, Roberts, Jack SO), 1:49.37; 6. KAYHI (Yoder, Easton FR, Dash, Trevor SO, Lundburg, Alec SR, Connolly, James FR), 1:54.96; 7. PSG (Peterson, Oliver FR, Cumps, Rik SO, Whitacre, Elijah SO, Haley, Logan SO), 2:05.66.

          Girls 200 Freestyle

    1. Schwarting, Samantha, SO JDHS 1:57.79; 2. Gassman, Emma, JR SITKA 2:00.13; 3. Ricke, Pacific, FR JDHS 2:03.35; 4. Liddle, Nancy,  SR TMHS 2:03.79; 5. Guillory, Razie, SR SITKA 2:04.98; 6. Kanouse, Brooklyn, FR JDHS 2:28.01; 7. Caskey, Emilee, SO KAYHI 2:39.78; 8. Ashmon, Kyla, SO CRAIG 2:40.44.

          Boys 200 Freestyle

    1. Frawley, Tytan, SR JDHS 1:46.79; 2. Holt, Harrison, JR JDHS 1:48.09; 3. Dill, Ethan, SR CRAIG 1:48.93; 4. Anderson, Samson, SR TMHS 1:51.73; 5. Rice, Matt, JR SITKA 1:52.15; 6. Kuharich, Larry, JR KAYHI 1:58.60; 7. Rice, Tully, SO CRAIG 2:04.99; 8. Davis, David, JR SITKA 2:05.62.

          Girls 200 IM

    1. Fellman, Emma, FR JDHS 2:16.10; 2. Gerger, Tahlia, SR JDHS 2:19.47; 3. Anderson, Gabrielle, SO TMHS 2:25.23; 4. Chester, Jenny, SR TMHS 2:26.03; 5. Delgado, Emily, SO JDHS 2:29.74; 6. Kleeman, Kaitlyn, FR KAYHI 3:08.72; 7. McCoy, Kyleigh, FR CRAIG 3:40.04.

          Boys 200 IM

    1. Foy, Patrick, SO TMHS 1:55.35; 2. VanSlyke, Chaz, JR JDHS 2:00.20; 3. Rasmussen, Sven, JR TMHS 2:04.14; 4. Degener, Chris, JR JDHS 2:04.73; 5. Lundburg, Alec, SR KAYHI 2:18.05; 6. Whitacre, Elijah, SO PSG, 2:25.87; 7. Yoder, Easton, FR KAYHI 2:38.26.

          Girls 50 Freestyle

    1. Mills, Olivia, SO TMHS 24.96; 2. Roberts, Renee, SR WRG 25.19; 3. Jenkins, Sadie, JR TMHS 26.11; 4. Jenkins, Alex, JR TMHS 26.23; 5. Morrison, Anita, SO JDHS 27.42; 6. Boman, Madelyn, SR JDHS 27.48; 7. Dohrn, Emma, FR HAINES 28.03; 8. Alley, Kanen, JR SITKA 28.07.

          Boys 50 Freestyle

    1. Mank, Wes, FR CRAIG 22.54; 2. Mulgrew-Truitt, Aaron, KR JDHS 22.77; 3. Mulgrew-Truitt, Adrell, SR JDHS 23.14; 4. Sanguni, Karthik, SR TMHS 23.20; 5. Bullock, John, SR KAYHI 23.30; 6. Roberts, Jack, SO WRG 23.49; 7. Mank, Elias, SO CRAIG 23.71; 8. Costelo, Jaden, SO SITKA 24.05 SR.

          Girls 1 mtr Diving

    1. Bolling, Emily, JR KAYHI 297.95 ; 2. Briggs, Kellyn, FR KAYHI 253.25 ; 3. Brown, Gabby, JR JDHS 208.80 ; 4. Elerding, Ava, JR KAYHI 115.05.

          Boys 1 mtr Diving

    1. DeTienne-Falls, Brayden, FR TMHS 349.95 ; 2. Cunningham, Stig, JR TMHS 320.10 ; 3. Berger, Owen, JR TMHS 289.45 ; 4. Marx, Jackson, SR JDHS 255.90 ; 5. Kiessling, Samuel, SR TMHS 230.80; 6. Whitney, Adrian, SR JDHS 171.75.

          Girls 100 Butterfly

    1. Chapell, Lucia, FR HAINES 1:05.99; 2. Creighton, Ada, FR CRAIG 1:06.05; 3. Olson, Lauren, SR KAYHI 1:06.47; 4. Heidersdorf, Jamie, SR TMHS 1:07.22; 5. Delgado, Emily, SO JDHS 1:07.68; 6. Kanouse, Brooklyn, FR JDHS 1:23.31.

          Boys 100 Butterfly

    1. VanSlyke, Chaz, JR JDHS 52.56; 2. Boudreaux, Benson, SO TMHS 54.20SR; 3. Rasmussen, Sven, JR TMHS 55.42; 4. Siekawitch, Nikolai, JR WRG 56.26; 5. Dash, Trevor, SO KAYHI 57.03; 6. Plang, Matthew, FR JDHS 58.02; 7. Lundburg, Alec, SR KAYHI 1:02.16; 8. Turner, Benjamin, JR SITKA 1:02.36.

          Girls 100 Freestyle

    1. Mills, Olivia, SO TMHS 54.75; 2. Roberts, Renee, SR WRG 54.78; 3. Sanders, Caitlin, FR TMHS 55.19SR; 4. Guillory, Razie, SR SITKA 58.10SR; 5. Boman, Parker, FR JDHS 58.22; 6. Jenkins, Alex, JR TMHS 59.74SR; 7. Sambrano, Myleigh, FR KAYHI 1:00.12; 8. Mallott, Addy, SR JDHS 1:00.42.

          Boys 100 Freestyle

    1. Dill, Ethan, SR CRAIG 49.08; 2. Mulgrew-Truitt, Aaron, JR JDHS 50.31; 3. Bullock, John, SR KAYHI 50.77; 4. Roberts, Jack, SO WRG 50.81; 5. Klinger, Kyan, SR KAYHI 50.94; 6. Mulgrew-Truitt, Adrell, SR JDHS 51.71; 6. Anderson, Samson, SR TMHS 51.71; 8. Costelo, Jaden, SO SITKA 52.26.

          Girls 500 Freestyle

    1. Schwarting, Samantha, SO JDHS 5:18.47; 2. Ricke, Pacific, FR JDHS 5:29.82; 3. Liddle, Nancy, SR TMHS 5:31.83; 4. Morrison, Anita, SO JDHS 5:53.02; 5. Brakes-Hines, Nova, FR TMHS 6:03.69; 6. Bullock, Kristall, SO KAYHI 7:19.16; 7. McCoy, Kyleigh, FR CRAIG 8:49.02.

          Boys 500 Freestyle

    1. Frawley, Tytan, SR JDHS 4:56.63; 2. Rice, Matt, JR SITKA 5:03.24; 3. Kuharich, Larry, JR KAYHI 5:08.73; 4. Degener, Chris, JR JDHS 5:12.94; 5. Rice, Tully, SO CRAIG 5:38.94; 6. Woods, Ty, FR KAYHI 5:59.40; 7. Lundburg, Eli, FR KAYHI 6:31.97; 8. Davis, KaI, SO SITKA 6:37.85.

          Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

    1. TMHS (Jenkins, Sadie JR, Jenkins, Alex JR, Mills, Olivia SO, Sanders, Caitlin FR), 1:42.04; 2. JDHS (Boman, Parker FR, Mallott, Addy SR, Boman, Madelyn SR, Morrison, Anita SO), 1:48.24; 3. CRAIG (Creighton, Ada FR, Nelson, Sierra SR, Wells, Taiya FR, Lehman, Manami SO), 1:49.11; 4. SITKA (Guillory, Razie SR, Morrison, Meriedi FR, Alley, Kanen JR, Gassman, Emma JR), 1:52.09; 5. HAINES (Tormey, Fiona SO, Bell, Camelia FR, Chapell, Lucia FR, Dohrn, Emma FR), 1:58.86; 6. KAYHI (Raber, Tilly FR, Kleeman, Kaitlyn FR, Caskey, Emilee SO, Schkrohowsky, Marta FR), 2:08.05.

          Boys 200 Freestyle Relay

    1. TMHS (Boudreaux, Benson SO, Anderson, Samson SR, Sanguni, Karthik SR, Foy, Patrick SO), 1:31.52; 2. CRAIG (Dill, Ethan SR, Mank, Elias SO, Maygren, Grant FR, Mank, Wes FR), 1:32.45; 3. JDHS (Mulgrew-Truitt, Adrell SR, Plang, Matthew FR, Degener, Chris JR, Mulgrew-Truitt, Aaron JR), 1:33.40; 4. KAYHI (Klinger, Kyan SR, Dash, Trevor SO, Kuharich, Larry JR, Bullock, John SR), 1:36.40; 5. WRG (Messmer, Tyson SR, Baggen, Jimmy SR, Roberts, Jack SO, Siekawitch, Nikolai JR), 1:39.40; 6. SITKA (Dubiaha, Vanya SO, Ward, Henrey FR, Davis, KaI SO, Davis, David JR), 1:47.21.

          Girls 100 Backstroke

    1. Gassman, Emma, JR SITKA 1:00.79; 2. Sanders, Caitlin, FR TMHS 1:01.39; 3. Gerger, Tahlia, SR JDHS 1:02.28; 4. Lehman, Manami, SO CRAIG 1:03.20; 5. Anderson, Gabrielle, SO TMHS 1:03.85; 6. Jenkins, Sadie, JR TMHS 1:04.39; 7. Mallott, Addy, SR JDHS 1:08.08; 8. Brakes-Hines, Nova, FR TMHS 1:08.28.

          Boys 100 Backstroke

    1. Mank, Wes, FR CRAIG 53.61; 2. Holt, Harrison, JR JDHS 55.61; 3. Boudreaux, Benson, SO TMHS 57.99; 4. Maygren, Grant, FR CRAIG 1:00.19; 5. Klinger, Kyan, SR KAYHI 1:00.75; 6. Turner, Benjamin, JR SITKA 1:00.93; 7. Peterson, Oliver, FR PSG, 1:08.24; 8. Hildebrandt, Andrew, JR KAYHI 1:09.66.

          Girls 100 Breaststroke

    1. Fellman, Emma, FR JDHS 1:07.96; 2. Heidersdorf, Jamie, SR TMHS 1:09.91; 3. Boman, Parker, FR JDHS 1:10.78; 4. Olson, Lauren, SR KAYHI 1:13.54; 5. Wells, Taiya, FR CRAIG 1:13.73; 6. Chester, Jenny, SR TMHS 1:14.28; 7. Dohrn, Emma, FR HAINES 1:20.24; 8. Nelson, Sierra, SR CRAIG 1:21.05.

          Boys 100 Breaststroke

    1. Foy, Patrick, SO TMHS 56.60; 2. Dash, Trevor, SO KAYHI 1:02.26; 3. Sanguni, Karthik, SR TMHS 1:02.67; 4. Plang, Matthew, FR JDHS 1:03.86; 5. Siekawitch, Nikolai, JR WRG 1:04.60; 6. Stevens, Brandon, JR SITKA 1:05.17; 7. Cumps, Rik, SO PSG 1:20.34; 8. Lundburg, Eli, FR KAYHI 1:24.58.

          Girls 400 Freestyle Relay

    1. JDHS (Schwarting, Samantha SO, Gerger, Tahlia SR, Fellman, Emma FR, Ricke, Pacific FR), 3:49.10; 2. TMHS (Jenkins, Sadie JR, Anderson, Gabrielle SO, Jenkins, Alex JR, Liddle, Nancy SR), 3:55.42; 3. CRAIG (Creighton, Ada FR, Nelson, Sierra SR, Wells, Taiya FR, Lehman, Manami SO), 4:07.80; 4. KAYHI (Bullock, Kristall SO, Sambrano, Myleigh FR, Elerding, Ava JR, Olson, Lauren SR), 4:21.81.

          Boys 400 Freestyle Relay

    1. JDHS (VanSlyke, Chaz JR, Mulgrew-Truitt, Adrell SR, Holt, Harrison JR, Frawley, Tytan SR), 3:20.75; 2. SITKA (Dubiaha, Vanya SO, Stevens, Brandon JR, Costelo, Jaden SO, Rice, Matt JR), 3:30.23; 3. KAYHI (Kuharich, Larry JR, Lundburg, Alec SR, Klinger, Kyan SR, Bullock, John SR), 3:31.27; 4. TMHS (Sanguni, Karthik SR, Rasmussen, Sven JR, Godkin, Matthew FR, Foy, Patrick SO), 3:40.29; 5. CRAIG (Maygren, Grant FR, Rice, Tully SO, Dill, Benjamin SO, Mank, Elias SO), 3:43.92; 6. PSG (Whitacre, Elijah SO, Peterson, Oliver FR, Haley, Logan SO, Cumps, Rik SO), 4:01.73.

    Above - Juneau Douglas Kalé senior Adrell Mulgrew-Truitt competes in the men's 100 yard freestyle event during the Region V swim and dive championships on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021 at the Gateway Aquatic Center in Ketchikan. (photo courtesy Dustin Safranek/Ketchikan Daily News)

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