Young Woman Uncharacteristically Flees Scene of Accident in Delta Junction

    Delta Junction, AK (KINY) - According to State Trooper reports, a woman has gone missing after wrecking her vehicle into a parked car in Delta Junction and fleeing the scene.

    Troopers were alerted on July 1st that 23-year-old Tatyana Ionashku had missed work and has neglected to get in touch with family. On June 30th, Troopers discovered that she had ran into a parked vehicle near the intersection of Souhrada and Rummington Road in Delta Junction. The owner of the vehicle had stepped outside to confront her, when she took off her shoes and ran away. She left behind her vehicle and her purse.

    Family of Ionashku were reported as saying that this is very strange behavior and completely unlike Tatyana. Volunteer searchers and troopers searched the area with dogs. They suspect that she could have been picked up by a passing motorist.

    Anyone with any information regarding Ionashku's whereabouts are asked to contact AST in Delta Junction at 895-4800.

    update***Miss Ionashku was located safe and sound July 5th.  A good samaritan camping on the Gerstle River.  He gave her food and warmed her up and then brought her to her family.



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