Women Speak Out Against Senate Bill 124

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Several women spoke out against Senate Bill 124 during a hearing earlier today.

    The bill is labeled as the Abortion Procedures: Child Surrender and described briefly as;

    "An Act relating to the duties of physicians and health care practitioners when performing or inducing abortions; providing that a child removed from a pregnant woman's womb alive after an abortion may be surrendered and found to be a child in need of aid; and providing for an effective date."

    The bill is sponsored by Senator Giessel.

    Liz Rangel, a UAA student and constituent of District L, said that the bill could complicate women's health.

    "Bills like Senate Bill 124 have the sole purpose of placing obstacles between women and their access to a safe abortion. This bill is purposely left vague and encourages physicians to place a woman's life and well-being second to a fetus' life. It's a dangerous bill and I want to see the Senate value Alaskan women and their lives when you all vote."

    Casey Casort, a constituent of Senate District C, spoke on how dangerous the world can be, especially for a young woman.

    "When I was 16-years-old, my best friend was raped on the UAF campus. This violet dorm room assault made me painfully aware of my vulnerability as a woman. Now I carry my keys like daggers through the Fred Meyer parking lot and I check my reflection in dark windows to see if the person walking behind me looks like a threat."

    "I live in a world where the attacks on my body come from all sides and having my government attempt to limit the power of doctors to treat my body with the respect it deserves is unacceptable."

    Casort went on to ask for efforts to be used on more important matters.

    "SB124 sets a dangerous precedent by substituting the agenda of politicians in a situation where only my doctor's expertise should be present. It’s insensible to hold hearings on fundamentally unnecessary legislation while Alaska is in the midst of a budget crisis."

    "I advise you to focus on solving Alaska's real problems, instead of trying to pass a medically unsafe bill. Legislators, I urge you to think of the women in your life who live in a dangerous world. We are counting on you to defend our bodies, our minds, and our futures."

    The bill can be found online at the Alaska State Legislature website.


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