Woll talks about initial impressions of service on Juneau Assembly

    Juneau Assembly member Christine Woll

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Christine Woll has been a member of the Juneau Assembly for nearly a month now following her election victory last month.

    She was asked on Action Line if she's had a moment where she's asked herself, "What have I done?.  Following laughter, she said, "To be honest it's been pretty amazing and pretty fascinating so far.  I'm definitely learning a lot.  I think I was really surprised by the breadth of issues that the Assembly is dealing with.   After the campaign, I definitely had a sense of what most of the hot topics were and I was definitely interested in planning on working on, but to see all the other issues that the Assembly's dealing and the city's dealing with at any given moment I think has been pretty eye-opening and it's definitely a lot to take in."

    Woll participated in her first Assembly retreat last Saturday.  There was discussion on establishing goals and objectives.  We asked she brought to the table.   'What I think I was able to bring to the conversation was a reminder that dealing with the pandemic is our number one goal and priority right now.  And so let's think critically about how that changes our goals or doesn't change our goals and how to make sure that's kind of woven through our priorities."

    In addition to the Committee of the Whole and Finance Committees, on which all members serve, Woll will also serve on Human Resources and Public Works and Facilities.

    Her liaison assignments include the Juneau Commission on Aging, Travel Juneau, and the Downtown Business Association.



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