Will USPS be around when Juneau votes by mail?

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau plans to conduct October's election by mail, but what if there's no one to deliver the mail?

    That thought is fueled by the dire financial straights the United States Post Office finds itself in coupled with a lack of federal support in view of President Trump's dim view of the agency and his opposition to the concept of voting by mail.

    It could be the postal service will not be in existence when October rolls around

    Juneau Assemblymember Alicia Hughes-Skandijs was asked about that possible scenario. 

    "I do have to say that if we don't have a postal service by the time that folks are mailing in their ballots we might have all kinds of problems."

    She said such a scenario seems inconceivable to her, but added, "There are little changes that need to be made in order to allow us to do this and that's not a bad idea to think through all those sort of what if scenarios while looking at that."

    She does believe that voting by mail is the way to go and feels lucky that Juneau will be able to do this since so many of the volunteers who work polls are most at risk by the coronavirus.


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