Will Juneau get the supplies they need during COVID-19 crisis?

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - CBJ Emergency Programs Manager Tom Mattice reassured residents that Juneau is ready for the coronavirus.

    Residents at a town hall meeting at DZ Middle School raised concerns about if the community will have supplies, if outlying villages will depend on Juneau for supplies and if a ban on all means of travel is warranted.

    Store shelves have also seen dwindling supplies of things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaners.

    Mattice pointed out there are ways to make homemade cleaners that will serve as ample replacements.

    "There are a lot of perfect plans, every plan is perfect until you get punched in the face.  We are working through all the details and revisiting all our plans.  I think this is a great opportunity for us to expand our practices and better our response.  We will do the best we can to provide and support our community."

    Mattice said Juneau has a hospital while several small villages don't.  He said there are mobile facilities available.

    There are seven mobile triage units in southeast Alaska. 

    He added there are some supplies in reserve should they be needed.

    Mattice urged businesses to each have their own plan on how to remain safe during this period.  He said to fight the spread of the virus we need to work together as a community.  He emphasized the constant cleaning of workplaces.

    The main goal is to slow the spread of the virus so that fewer people become sick at one time.

    "We are going to have some sick people.  We hope to minimize that to the greatest degree possible.  If we have too many people sick we may lose services.  How can we do the critically thing we need to keep our community on line.  That is our focus and we will continue to solve the problem."

    He said Juneau has a tremendous amount of resources and he expects support from state and federal agencies if the need arises.


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