No Rain on Juneau's Parade or Fireworks

    The fireworks show begins at midnight.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau's National Weather Service Meteorologist Wes Adkins says it is unlikely tonight's fireworks or tomorrow's parade will be rained on.

      "We are looking at, overall, a dry Fourth of July weekend, but we've got some stubborn clouds, and they've arrived from the Gulf of Alaska," Adkins said in an interview with News of the North. "There could be some clearing overnight but our confidence isn't great. But, that said, people needn't take their raincoats. There could be maybe a sprinkle or drizzle but it's not really likely."

      Adkins added that this weather pattern will likely hold true for Sunday's parade as well, and that sun might actually peek out sometime tomorrow. Temperatures are expected to be in the 50s around midnight and 60s around noon Sunday.

      Adkins said that those who like to hike Mount Juneau to watch fireworks from above might have their view obscured by low clouds.

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