Weiss talks about superintendent search on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The interim superintendent of the Juneau School District is in the running to fill the position on a permanent basis.

    Dr. Bridget Weiss was selected for the interim position following the departure of Dr. Mark Miller.

    Dr. Weiss  said on Action Line that she hasn't changed her mind about wanting to be appointed on a permanent basis.

    Prior to his departure, Miller said he thought local knowledge should be key in the hiring of his successor.

    Dr. Weiss said of her qualifications in that regard, "I have the contacts.  I'm actually a third generation Juneauite.  One of the things I believe helps equip for this job is definitely understanding and appreciating the local context, cultures that are here being born and raised here and also my experience outside."  

    Weiss spent 26 years of her career in the State of Washington in Spokane where she taught high school math for sixteen years and then became an administrator.  "So I have this blend of local background knowledge experience and outside perspective and experiences that round out what I bring to the district."

    The School Board is poised to decide at its January 8 meeting if it will simply hire Dr. Weiss or conduct a national, statewide or internal search.

    Public input on the superintendent search can be emailed to the School Board at searchinput@juneauschools.org


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