Water flow continues to rise

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The CBJ Emergency Management Department is keeping a close eye on suicide basin for the build up of water around the Mendenhall Glacier.

    Director Tom Mattice said Suicide basin is filled and overflows the shoulder of the Glacier.  The water runs for a couple hundred yards and then dives back under the ice.  He predicted an increase in water flows into the Mendenhall Lake and river in the next two to three days. there is a lot of water there

    He added they are unsure how much of an outflow event this will be but there will be increased water in the lake and river.  "That will continue to escalate.  You will see more and more water.  We will see increased volumes into Mendenhall Lake and river over the next few days."

    Mattice said as an emergency manager it is not frustrating to not know how much water is involved.  "It is a unique natural phenomenon, its definitely interesting.  As long as we don't see tremendous damage were okay with that.  Obviously if you are an affected home owner it is sure not fun."





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