Walker appoints Braund to the Senate

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A lot of attention was placed on Senate District 6 as Senate republicans turned down the Governors first choice and then fielded another applicant in a span of a few hours Wednesday.

    Braund will take the place of Mike Dunleavy who resigned to run for Governor.  Senate Republicans must vote to approve the nomination.  The republicans had turned down Randall Kowalke, a Mat Su Borough Assembly member, by an undisclosed majority.

    Kowalke was not on a list of three names provided by republicans in the district.  Mr. Braund was one of the three names.  He is a retired policeman.  The other names considered by the Governor included Rep. George Rauscher and Todd Smoldon.

    Senate Republicans on Tuesday urged Walker to go back to the district for a new list if he could not support a candidate from the initial slate of finalists. But Walker stood behind Kowalke setting the stage for the failed confirmation.

    Senate Majority Leader Peter Micciche said the people of Senate District E "should be given an opportunity to fill the seat with a candidate they support through the traditional process, which is designed to respect the will of the voters."

    In a statement, Walker, a one-time Republican no longer affiliated with a political party, said he believes Senate Republicans "will continue to reject anyone I appoint, no matter how qualified, unless that person's name is on the list provided to me by the Republican party."

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