UW model predicts COVID-19 deaths in Washington state will decline

    Seattle, Washington (KINY) - New data from a health research center at the University of Washington suggests that COVID-19 deaths in Washington state have peaked and predicted a reduction from here on out.

    The study is dependent on strict social distancing continuing through May.

    The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation reported the state's peak use of health care resources peaked on April 2.  It predicted no shortage in ICU beds or hospital beds in the state.

    The study reported the national peak for resources and deaths are expected on April 15.

    The number of deaths projected from the virus continues to decline.  On Monday, the study projected a total of 81,766 deaths around the country from the pandemic. They reduced that number to 60,415 during a projection made on Tuesday.

    Q13 News in Seattle reported the director of the IHME Dr. Christopher Murray said the trajectory of the pandemic will change for the worse if people ease up on social distancing or relax other precautions.



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