Update: Conference committee makes quick work on capital budget compromise

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A compromise capital budget bill is ready for debate on both floors of the Legislature after a conference committee made quick work of hammering out differences.

    Conferees completed their work in less than a half hour.

    The Legislature convened its special session, the third this year, late this morning.  (Thursday).

    The Senate voted 17 to 2 not to concur with House changes to Senate Bill 23.

    The House voted later not to recede from its changes on a 38 to 2 vote.

    That set up a conference committee.  Both bodies were recessed to the call of the chair pending completion of the committee's work.

    Floor sessions were originally scheduled to convene at 4 p.m.

    Legislative leaders are hopeful of wrapping up the work in one day.



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