Unemployment drops in June

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Juneau had 4.4 percent unemployment in June compared to the state average of 5.5 percent.

    The Alaska Department of Labor and Consumer Services said the rate was 5.8 percent in June, 2017.

    Department of Labor economist Karinne Wiebold said Juneau was well below the state average, "State wide, not seasonally adjusted, is 6.7 percent and Juneau is 4.4 percent.  We are coming in significantly below the state average for unemployment."

    Last June, the unemployment rate was 4.7 percent in Juneau.

    Economist Karinne Wiebold said this shows the impacts of tourism here, "We are very busy in the summer.  We have a lot of tourists that comes in and that generates a lot of employment."

    Around the area Haines had 7.2 percent, Hoonah-Angoon 9.6 percent, Ketchikan 5.2 percent, Petersburg 8.2 percent, Prince of Wales-Hyder 9.7 percent, Sitka 4.3 percent, Skagway 3.7 percent, Wrangell 7.1 percent and Yakutat 9.2 percent last month.

    In June, 2017 Haines had 8.6 percent, Hoonah-Angoon 8.4 percent, Ketchikan 5.8 percent, Petersburg 8.9 percent, Prince of Wales-Hyder 10.2 percent, Sitka, 4.8 percent, Skagway 3.5 percent, Wrangell 7.2 percent, and Yakutat 9.5 percent.

    The southeast region had lost 100 jobs over last June.  The largest job losses were found in Anchorage, 700 jobs, the northern region 600, and the southwest region 600 jobs.

    The retail sector lost the most jobs in the state, 1,000 over last year.  Trade, transportation and utility jobs dropped by 900 and private employment by 900 jobs.  State government jobs are down 600 over last year, or 2.6 percent.

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