UAS officials talk over issues with School Board

    UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - College readiness, expansion of dual-enrollment courses, and what we've learned from online education were among the topics discussed at a workshop meeting today.

    Kristen Handley of UAS reported on the improvement in college readiness for Juneau High School graduates.

    There has been a 22 percent reduction in enrollment at UAS from Juneau graduates since 2009.  At the same time, the Juneau students have become more prepared for college course work.

    37% of recent graduates in Juneau have received an Alaska Performance Scholarship.

    Enrollment has dropped in the entire system by 26% in the past 10 years.  The enrollment from Alaska High School graduates has dropped 33% during that time period.

    Over 25% of freshmen students who enter UAS each year are from Juneau.

    34% of Juneau kids needed some kind of development course for college in 2016.  That number dropped to 14% in 2019.

    UAS officials expect to increase dual enrollment courses.

    Executive Dean of the UAS College of Education Steve Atwater predicted that more learning will be online.  He admitted it is much easier for high school students to learn online than it is those in elementary and middle school.

    He said it is important to have some kind of local content in the curriculum like Alaska history or environmental studies.

    He said while some small cuts have been made, the Tlingit Language program remains a priority for UAS.

    UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield said they have made the decision to have all summer semester courses online.  They have yet to decide on what instruction will look like for the fall semester.  He expects a gradual reduction of restrictions on each University of Alaska campus.  The number of students who continue to live on campus has been dramatically reduced since the pandemic began.

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