UAS Yearly Campus Kick-Off in September, pleasurable for students and sellers alike

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Mallory Nash talked on Capital Chat with Dano about the annual campus kick-off that will take place in September.

    Mallory Nash, the Student Engagement Coordinator at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), talked about her role at the college.

    "I oversee Student Engagement and Leadership which means that I oversee the Student Activities Board, the Student Government, Whalesong, and then student clubs. So basically if students want to get involved and have a really great experience at UAS, that's kind of my job!"

    Nash talked about the upcoming big event at UAS and how vendors can sign up.

    "Campus kickoff will be Friday, September 2nd from three to five. You can go onto our website at and search for 'Campus Kickoff.' Or, you give me an email at"    

    Nash mentioned the importance of on-campus community events so that students can feel comfortable.

    "Those first two weeks are so important for students to get integrated and feel at home so they can be successful throughout their time. Students can come and participate at their own choice. That's the beauty of this event that they don't have to sign up for it. They can just come, enjoy and spend as much time as they want.  But we're going to try to make it as fun as possible with live music, cotton candy, popcorn, all that stuff is going to be free to the students and also available to the community members as well. And then we'll have some food on hand for people to purchase as well.   S Some free t-shirts that we're going to give out to students, that they complete a bingo activity, basically they go around to all these different booths and collect stamps that they're actually engaging with them and then they're gonna get a free T-shirt."   

    The Royal Wedding Band will play live music.

    Other student events will take place over the semester, such as a new Finance Club.

    Nash explained more details on how businesses and non-profit organizations can get signed up. 

    "The best way is to go to our website, check it out. And there's a list of frequently asked questions that we've got plugged in there. So you'll be able to just go online, fill out the form, it's going to ask you a variety of questions. And then basically I will send out an email letting you know that you're confirmed and we will get the ball rolling with getting the details and placement of where you're going to be at on the day of and it's free."

    She also stated when the deadline is for vendors to sign up.

    "I'm hoping to get everybody in by August 19 which is next Friday I believe. And so if we're at a good number we'll keep it, if not we might allow some extra folks. It just depends on the availability and space. So we've already got a good amount of people, about 25 people that have signed up. So I'm happy with that number but I definitely want to hit the 50 mark."

    The point of coming is to welcome students to campus, and inform students why they should care about the business.

    Businesses signing up don't have to be strictly educational; Nash suggested students will need to know where to get their hair cut or oil changed, for example, as a lot of students come from out of state.

    She also added that you don't have to be a student to attend; the goal is for people to learn about UAS.

    Nash said on-campus resources will be available in booths as well.

    "It's going to be a combination of off-campus partners and on-campus. And so on-campus would be those departments and clubs and all that good stuff of different resources that students would need access to during their time at school."

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