Trio of optional educational opportunities for Juneau students

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Three optional educational programs available to Juneau students are available for enrollment through April 24.

    This process is for the Juneau Community Charter School, Montessori Borealis Public School and Tlingit Culture Language and Literacy Program.

    To apply online, please click on the Optional Programs block at

    The three programs are explained below.

    Juneau Community Charter School (JCCS)
    JCCS is a K-8 public charter school within the Juneau School District. We are a small school with small class sizes; 23:1, where students, staff, and families get to know each other well.

    This program builds a strong learning community with multi-grade classrooms, whole-school activities, project-based learning, frequent outings into the community and through restorative practices. Families are heavily involved in their child’s education both in the classroom and in governing our school.

    Some of the unique characteristics found at JCCS:
    • Project-Based Learning
    • Collaboration among students of all ages
    • Involvement in and service to the larger Juneau community
    • Play, Exploration, Inquiry and Fun

    For questions or additional information email us at

    Montessori Borealis Public School
    Montessori Borealis is an alternative school in the Juneau School District. It includes a Children’s House (preschool and kindergarten), an elementary program (1st through 6th grade) and a middle school program (7th and 8th grade) called Adolescent Montessori Program (AMP).

    Find about some key Montessori ideas and ask questions during a Facebook Live question and answer session on Tuesday, April 21, at 7:30 p.m. on the school's Facebook page.

    If you have questions, email or call at 523-1848.

    Tlingit Culture Language & Literacy
    Tlingit Culture Language & Literacy is an optional program housed in Harborview Elementary school and operated in partnership with Sealaska Heritage Institute. It is a free program open to student of all races, nationalities and abilities. The program integrates Tlingit language and traditional knowledge into the daily instruction of the national standards. Program field trips and activities create a strong learning community creating future leaders and caretakers of the land. Daily Tlingit language instruction and fluent speakers in each classroom.

    For more information call Harborview School at 523-1850.

    Online applications are due April 24. Visit


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