Travel Juneau Issues Statement on New JACC Project Process

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - There was a bit of confusion over Travel Juneau's role and stance for the new JACC project during an Assembly meeting last Wednesday.

    The organization's thoughts were summarized over a press release from Travel Juneau that reads thusly:

    "As the JAHC can confirm, meetings with Travel Juneau in the past and in the very early stages of the planning included conversations about the original design and its potential to limit capacity for larger conventions and meetings in Juneau. The New JACC leadership team responded to the points raised in that discussions by considering modifications to the original plans in the new current plans for a larger Community Hall and a covered connection with Centennial Hall. Travel Juneau did not request that plans be modified or changed, and we’ve worked with the New JACC Partnership during this process. Further, at the time of these initial meetings, JAHC did not manage Centennial Hall and that was not a point of discussion. That matter, as it relates to the proposed New JACC, was discussed today by the Travel Juneau Board, along with questions surrounding the impacts and planning as those relate to Travel Juneau partners. The change to a JAHC-managed Centennial Hall is a new development, albeit one in which Travel Juneau participated, and we note that the planning for the New JACC was done before the management agreement went into effect."

    "While we appreciate that people are wanting to hear from Travel Juneau on the matter, there are simply too many unknowns and variables for the Travel Juneau Board to make a well-thought-out submission to the assembly but will do so when a firm plan is available for review."

    On Thursday, we talked with Ben Brown with the JAHC about the various offerings they are looking at, as well as the challenges involved with the process. Details on the project and the proposed designs were said to have flexibility when considering community needs and capabilities.

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