Trail Mix is looking to fill vacancies and work more trails

    Left (Mark Pusich) and on the right (Ryan O'Shaughnessy) hold the Mendenhall Penisula sign at their 2022 Trail Mix Auction. (Photo credit to Jasz Garrett/KINY)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Trail Mix members talked on Capital Chat on their goals for 2023.

    Executive Director Ryan O'Shaughnessy said what they are looking forward to work on this year.

    "We're really excited to be back on the Treadwell Ditch in full swing. Last year, we were still working on the Treadwell Ditch of course, but we took a little bit of a beat to work on some permitting and a little bit of extra planning. So we're really excited to be back in full swing on the on the ditch. We're really excited to be working on some new agreements with the US Forest Service that's going to look like us partnering with the Juneau Ranger District to work on some trails to cabins like Auk Nu trail. We're going to continue some work. You'll even see us on the Peterson Lake Trail, West Glacier a little bit and hopefully in the marine ecology loop as well as maybe a few others."

    O'Shaughnessy shared how to get involved.

    "We are currently hiring for our trail crews. That's pretty exciting. Those positions start at $18 an hour. They go May 1 through September 15. That's a lot of a lot of hard work building bridges, digging trails, moving gravel. Again, our trail stewards program is a great way for folks to get involved with trail work. If you've got a group of friends or church or community organization or anything like that, your business, they can sign up to be a trail steward. You would volunteer five days out of the summer. Last but certainly not least, and we have a vacancy on our board of directors."

    Go to their website to become involved.

    Mark Pusich, Board President of Trail Mix, explained what they're looking for in a candidate.

    "We're looking for someone who has strong connections to the land and community of Juneau and also to the mission of Trail Mix, which is to be a steward of safe and enjoyable Juneau trail systems. You don't have to be an expert trail builder, lots of skills that you can bring to a board to help guide our organizations. Such as legal expertise, fundraising and nonprofit experience."

    Pusich also gave an insight into why he chose to join Trail Mix.

    "For me personally, it was giving back to the community. I was born and raised here and used a lot of these trails over the years and I said why not? Why not show some of my expertise? I'm a civil engineer by profession and I can provide a little bit of insight towards that and trail building. I love Juneau."

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