Track Palin could face jail time

    Wasilla, Alaska (KINY) The third arrest in two years could land Sara Palin's oldest son in jail.

    Palin, 29, will appear in a courtroom today and learn from a judge whether he can stay in a therapeutic program for veterans or face jail time.

    Palin was charged last week after a female acquaintance said he told her that she could leave his house, took away her phone and hit her in the head, court documents said.

    Palin, an Army veteran, served one year in Iraq.  He had been in the veterans court for charges he assaulted his father last December.  The Alaska Veterans Court gives eligible former service members the option of enrolling in mental health treatment instead of receiving a traditional sentence.

    The female told authorities the two had struggled over the phone and Palin had let her leave when she screamed for help.  Palin was also accused of resisting arrest, assault and disorderly conduct.  Troopers said Palin kicked over a table and threw his head back at a trooper when he was arrested.

    In the assault on his father, Palin avoided a one-year jail sentence, provided he successfully completed the therapeutic program.  If he had completed it, he would have served only 10 days behind bars.


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