Time for Juneau residents to be bear aware

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - It's time again for Juneau residents to be bear aware.

    They're back according to Acting Area Management Biologist Carl Koch of state Fish and Game.  "We've already gotten emails with photos of bears on trash unfortunately."  He added they have received about a half a dozen calls from ranging from downtown to Engineer's Cutoff and everywhere in between.

    Bob Dilley is the Community Service Officer Supervisor for the Juneau Police Department.  He said they have not received too many complaints yet. He warned one resident about her big tray of bird feed on her lawn and let her know it was time to get that picked up for the year.  "So, we're just trying to get people in right habits as bears start coming out for the Spring," he said.

    Dilley's unit is in charge of enforcing the local code.  He reminds residents that garbage cans can not be put out until after 4 a.m. on the day of pick up.  Until then, garbage must be in a bear resistant can or in a shed or garage

    Dilley says their goal is voluntary compliance with the law.  If that doesn't work, he says the fine for an initial violation is $50.  It goes to a hundred dollars for the second and to $300 for a third and subsequent violations within a two year period.

    For additional information, residents can call the Fish and Game office at 465-4265.

    Dilley says not to call 9-1-1 unless its a threat to life or property. Otherwise call the main number at 586-0600.

    Koch and Dilley were guests on Action Line.


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