The Role Of Juneau's FBI Office In Southeast Law Enforcement

    Juneau, AK-(KINY) If you were along on recent search warrant services in Juneau involving drug cases, you might have seen one or two people wearing the large initials FBI on their back.

    Juneau has a small FBI office, usually just two agents are assigned here, so to get their work done, they do work closely with local law enforcement.

    Special Agent Matt Judy says that every drug case he has in Juneau, he works with the Juneau Police Department.  The reverse is also true, with Judy helping on every drug case that is started by JPD.  He says the agencies share information and resources.  Sometimes the FBI works a trafficking aspect of the case that JPD cannot.  The FBI can provide some technical support, with equipment, and have experienced investigators to help serve search warrants.

    Matt Judy grew up in Juneau.  After becoming an FBI agent he bid to come back to his hometown.  The prosecutor Judy works most closely with, Assistant US Attorney Jack Schmidt who also grew up in Juneau.  Schmidt graduated from JDHS in 1989.  Schmidt worked in the Juneau District Attorney's Office before becoming a federal prosecutor. He now carries a case load of about 15 cases with at least 25 defendants among them.  He says he is a better federal prosecutor because he benefited from his years in Juneau working as a state prosecutor.

    A big oxycodone case that Schmidt has worked as a federal prosecutor has it's roots in work Schmidt did as a state prosecutor.  When Schmidt became a federal prosecutor, he was able to use federal law and resources available to him to successfully prosecute the suppliers of the people he prosecuted for selling drugs in Juneau. 

    The law enforcement officers working the federal case Schmidt mentioned called the operation "Jack and the Beanstalk" to note that Jack Schmidt
    was following a network of people he had started prosecuting years before.  

    Both Judy and Schmidt encourage local people who want to have careers in law enforcement or prosecuting to consider coming back to Juneau.  They say the work feels different when you are trying to protect your own hometown.  


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