The Latest: Denali ranger describes crevasse rescue

    TALKEETNA, Alaska (AP) — Denali National Park mountaineering ranger Frank Preston says it took rescuers about 12 hours before they could reach a climber who fell 40-feet (12.2 meters) into a glacier crevasse on North America's tallest mountain.

    Preston says it took another three hours to chip away at ice to widen the crevasse to lift out 38-year-old Martin Takac of Trmava, Slovakia.

    Takac fell into the crevasse late Sunday night as he was descending 20,310-foot (6,190-meter) Denali with another climber.

    The force of the fall pushed Takac past constricted spaces where he could not simply be lifted out.

    Rescuers lowered by rope could not even turn their heads as they chipped at ice to reach Takac. He was pulled out in critical condition.

    Preston says the rescue was "not for the claustrophobic."

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