Terminal Expansion Still Under Review

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The question of finances continues to be the top hurdle in plans to construct the Juneau International Airport north terminal.

    Airport manager Patty Wahto said they got a lot of public support and good ideas at a public meeting, "We took a step back and look at the direction we were headed, tenant build out with the airport build out in the central part of the terminal."

    A hybrid of both with the airport providing some counter spaces and the tenant providing some build out are now under review.

    Plans depend a lot on funding. The estimate of costs range from $16 million to $33 million. CBJ bond issue revenue available and federal funds will be counted on as major sources of revenue.

    Wahto said they will crunch the numbers and figure out how they can use federal dollars. "Once we confirm the direction we're headed will work, we will convene another meeting."

    The Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce, South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium, and others sent letters of support for building the project.

    The Airport Board also learned that fewer drivers are parking illegally in front of the airport terminal. The CBJ approved an increase in the fine to $100 this year.

    In other areas, less people are clogging up the main entrance to the terminal by parking in no parking zones.

    Kendler Way has been suggested as the name for the new street that leads to the snow removal equipment building. The Kendler family operated a dairy farm on the property.

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