Surveys shows Alaskans split on gun control

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) The survey asked 761 adults their opinion on many controversial questions that involve gun control.

    The Alaska Attitudes towards gun ownership and regulation survey conducted by Alaska Survey research found that people were split on gun control measures like assault weapon bans and the banning of high capacity magazines.

    There was modest support in Alaska for setting an age requirement of 21 to own guns.  The survey also showed support for a legislative proposal to allow family members or police to petition a judge to confiscate a person's guns if that person is deemed a threat to himself or others.  The survey also showed less support for proposals to arm teachers.

    The survey found 18 percent of Alaskans live in a home with an NRA member, 48 percent support an assault weapons ban, 49 percent support a ban on high capacity magazines, and 67 percent support a mandatory age of 21 or older to own a gun.  The survey also found 45 percent of Alaskans support teacher's carrying guns on campus.  16.8 percent of those surveyed reported owning an assault weapon.  84 percent of Alaskans supported a petition for judges to be able to confiscate guns.

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