Surveys list downtown safety as concern

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Juneau Economic Development Council conducted surveys on business travelers and legislative staffers.

    Comments in the survey suggest Downtown Juneau is not the place to take your children.

    Others included more police presence is needed during the winter months especially after 5 pm, concern about vagrants, snow removal,
    the price of airfares and having more dining options.

    Another concern raised about public drunkenness.  Some surveyed say they don't feel safe walking downtown

    Snow removal and a lack of parking were also mentioned in the survey.

    Executive Director of the Juneau Economic Council Brian Holst said this is the fourth year they have surveyed business travelers during the legislative session.
    "We are finding good news about improvements and we are also gaining insight.  This year in addition to surveying visitors at the airport, we also surveyed legislators and their staff."

    Brian Holst said 135 legislative staff voiced opinions in the survey, "On the positive side, most of our legislators and staff are very satisfied with downtown, the walkability, friendliness of the community, the arts, the recreation all received very high ratings."

    He said the survey asks where Juneau can improve.   He said business travelers had a decrease in satisfaction in cleanliness downtown, complaints about transportation, and for the first time the perception of safety downtown.  "About 10 percent mentioned safety which is significant.  Legislators and their staff, for the first time also commented on the perception of safety downtown."

    Holst said this is productive information that helps Juneau and won't lead to another push to move the capital.

    I" think when you just read the critical comments it can paint an overly negative view.  The full survey is available at  You will see the many positive areas and areas of improvement."

    Business travelers gave the community good marks for walkability downtown, airport facilities, friendly and efficient service, recreation, meeting facilities, accommodations and the look and feel of downtown.

    The lowest marks from business travelers came for parking downtown, airport concessions and information about the community.
    Cleanliness of downtown also took a dip from the 2015 survey.

    Juneau’s beautiful scenery was the most frequent response to the open-ended question “What do you like most about visiting Juneau?”   The weather was the least liked thing about Juneau among business travelers.

    Among legislators and staffers, most were satisfied with Juneau's amenities,  walkability of downtown, information on activities, recreation and friendly and efficient service was at the top of the list.  

    The lowest scores from staffers came from restaurant hours, safety downtown, parking downtown and the high cost of accommodations.



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