Studded tire deadline approaches

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) You are running out of time to get your studded tires off your vehicle.

    Jonathan Taylor with the Alaska Department of Public Safety said Alaskans that live south of the 60 degree north latitude must remove the tires by Sunday, April 15.  Violators can face fines

    Taylor said there are pros and cons when it comes to studded tires, "Studded tires provide some certainty and assure for motorists during the winter but they also create additional wear and tear on Alaska roads."

    Taylor said most Alaskans know about the deadline and react accordingly.  He said cops will use their eyes and their ears to catch violators.  "You can literally hear the tires on the road surface and cops will be paying attention."

    Those north of latitude 60 have until May 1st to have their studded tires removed.





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