Strange Sea Creatures Disappear

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - As quickly as they appeared last spring, a strange sea creature has disappeared from view.

    Pyrosomes, a six inch long creature that resemble pink thimbles, showed up in southeast Alaska this past spring causing headaches for anglers, and causing some concern from biologists.

    Aaron Baldwin with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said its likely the pyrosomes were brought to Alaska by the tide.  Previously they hadn't been seen north of Washington state. 

    "Nobody really knows exactly (why they disappeared), some have associated it with the warm water trend in the gulf of Alaska, but that doesn't track as the water temperatures were somewhat cooler.  They have not been seen lately."

    They are tropical filter feeding spineless creatures that provide little to no nutritional value to fish.

    Biologist say they 'll be concerned if the species returns next spring.  "They seem to be dying off or disappearing.  They appear to be a short term phenomenon and they may have no impact long term.  We will have to see if they return."

    Many commercial fishermen complained that the pyrosomes clogged fishing hooks making it difficult to fish.

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