Story looking to serve in a bi-partisan coalition

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Who will be in charge of the Alaska House of Representatives is still up in the air with the first session of the 31st Alaska Legislature set to convene next Tuesday?

    Juneau Representative-elect Andi Story was asked about that while a guest on Action Line.  "That is a good question," she said.  It's the question of the week." 

    Story is hopeful that there will be a bi-partisan coalition formed soon.

    Story was  asked if it  could be a 40 member coalition with all members of the lower body throwing together.  She's open to it, she says.  "Of course, with a bi-partisan coalition there will be rules to be part of that bi-partisan coalition and people will have to decide whether that is a coalition they want to be a part of."


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