State considers use of cell phones for licenses

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Rep. Dan Saddler has proposed a bill that would allow Alaskans to have hunting, fish and trapping licenses on their cell phone.

    The house fisheries committee embraced the bill at the initial hearing Tuesday.

    Saddler said the digital age has come to the outdoorsman, "There is almost no aspect of our life in Alaska that has not been made better by the use of smart phones.  This bill house bill 260 seeks to leverage modern technology with the timeless pleasures of outdoor Alaska recreation."

    Alaskans would still be allowed to use paper form licenses.

    Saddler said it isn't always convenient or practical to have a paper license but no matter where he goes, he has his cell phone with him.  He predicted it would lead to more people getting licenses.  He mentioned tourists could have an easier time getting a one day or temporary license to fish, hunt or trap.

    Rep. Geran Tarr says she liked the fact that a person may get the digital version and the bill does not require it, "I still represent a lot of people who can't afford to have a cell phone.  I appreciate this will keep the flexibility so people still have options."

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