Sitka sticks with fluoride

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) In a 5-2 vote the Assembly decided not to hold a public referendum on the use of fluoride in Sitkans drinking water.

    Shyla Williams with the city of Sitka says they follow all health and environmental regulations, "The maximum contaminant level is four parts per billion.  We are nowhere near the maximum contaminant level that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency" has set in place.

    Resident Jeremiah Craig said he opposed the referendum, "There is a lot of bad information and junk science out there regarding fluoride.  The anti fluoride movement has gained steam in recent years but it is not based on good science."

    Sue Riggs said fluoride could have helped her avoid a lot of cavities growing up, "I think our children would suffer and especially people that don't have a lot of money will have more cavities and dental problems just because they don't have the money to take care of those things."

    Lydia McGraw said fluoride is toxic waste and dangerous.  She contends it was one of the ingredients used in the atomic bomb dropped during World War II, "I do not consent with being drugged by water, killed slowly for you, get it out."






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