Sitka delays action on police probe

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) - The Sitka Assembly voted 6-1 to wait until August to decide if a third party should investigate the police department.

    The police department is currently looking for a new police chief.  11 people have applied for the job.  This list includes the interim chief Robert Beatty.

    The police department has been the subject of three lawsuits filed in the last year.

    Assembly member Dr. Richard Wein   (WEEN) says he wants to give the interim chief Robert Beatty more time to review the
    department and analyze the best way to move forward.

    Noah Shepard, a former jailer who resigned from the city in January, sued them on claims of defamation and being forced to resign.

    He opposed delaying the third party investigation and wants the matter handled administratively and not in court

    Mary Ferguson sued the police department and claimed sexual harassment.

    Lisa Bush, Executive Director of the Sitka Sound Science Center said there are numerous research projects going on in the community about landslides to try and better predict their behavior.

    The Center is also working on a landslide warning system to alert residents as quickly as possible.  They will hold a community meeting on Tuesday, April 30 at 7:30 pm at the University campus in Sitka to explain the project.

    The first large cruise ship visits Sitka on May 8th.  2,100 passengers are expected.

    The Sitka summer Expo is scheduled for May 4th from 4 to 8 pm.  Several businesses will share their products.  

    Sitka received an award as the Safest City in Alaska.    The Chamber of Commerce presented the award.

    City Administrator Keith Brady said its great news for Sitka, "A group Safe Wise looks at statistics across the United States and found Sitka to be the safest.  It is a big deal for the community."


    Sound from Noah Shepard at Sitka Assembly meeting







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