Sitka Chamber works on plan to reopen businesses

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) - The 205 businesses in Sitka all are unique and all would face different challenges and hurdles in order to reopen, Chamber President Rachel Roy said.

    Roy told the Sitka Assembly that one plan does not necessarily fit all of the businesses in Sitka.

    She said some have individual owners who live in the lower 48 and are currently under quarantine.

    She requested the assembly consider the needs of all businesses.

    "There can be ways to make this transition without being too stringent in terms of having regulations that are not going to allow for a small business owner to get back here and get ready for the small season they will be having." 

    She said Sitka should align its mandates with the state and the CDC.  She said they don't want to have restrictions in place longer than necessary.

    Non-essential businesses have been closed in Sitka during this pandemic.  Residents are also in a hunker down order.

    The Chamber is also promoting the different services available in Sitka like grocery delivery, medical and pharmacy delivery, and things not offered in many states.




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