Should we wear gloves during the pandemic?

    College Park, Maryland (ABC) - A doctor said to stop the spread of coronavirus, we should practice social distancing, wash our hands, use hand sanitizer, wear a mask and not wear gloves.

    The CDC said wearing a mask helps a person that is not showing symptoms from spreading the coronavirus.

    Dr. Vinisha Amin, with the University of Maryland Hospital of Medicine, said people in the community don't need to wear gloves unless they're dealing directly with a COVID-19 patient.

    Dr. Amin said people are not using gloves correctly, "Many times what people are doing is they'll have gloves on but they're still touching their face.  They'll have gloves on.  They'll take them off and put them back on to use their cell phones."

    The doctor said as soon as it goes on surfaces, the amount of the virus significantly drops, lowering the risk of it spreading.


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