Short leaning toward running for re-election to School Board

    Juneau, Alaska KINY) - Juneau School Board member Jeff Short is up for re-election this year.

    He was asked on Action Line about his intention.  "I'm still deliberating.  I'm leaning toward running again though."

    Short feels that he's had a beneficial impact and says he's gotten some things rolling now and gotten the district's attention on some issues that really matter to him that he would like to see move forward.

    One matter is the Tlingit language policy which aims at revitalizing the language.

    Short is also concerned about the effectiveness of the special education program. "There's an intersection between special education and Alaska Natives in our schools who account for an unusually large proportion of students and so we need to do better with how we educate our Alaska Native students and we need to rely less on special education to do it, I think."

    School Board President Brian Holst is also up for re-election this Fall.


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