September marks National Preparedness Month

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - September is National Preparedness Month, and the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is encouraging all Alaskans to prepare for the next big disaster event.

    During National Preparedness Month, DHS&EM said they encourage each Alaskan to become better prepared by developing a family emergency plan, building an emergency kit, and identifying what hazards threaten their community.

    A family emergency plan determines where family members will reunite if they must evacuate their home or neighborhood. It also identifies communications channels and points-of-contact that can be used when a disaster damages communication infrastructure. Write down the plan and important numbers, then provide copies to family members.

    Emergency Kit. The department said every Alaskan should have enough supplies to survive two weeks without the normal flow of goods and services. This includes food, water, medications, energy, communication devices, and any other essential items.

    Also, they said understanding a community’s natural hazards enables residents to be better prepared and act quickly to protect themselves and their property when an event occurs.

    “We understand some families will not have the space in their homes, or the financial means to build and store two weeks of supplies,” said Bryan Fisher, Director, DHS&EM. “However, these families can still have and practice their emergency plan, be aware of disaster warning signs, and have some emergency supplies on hand.”  

    DHS&EM’s Good, Better, Best program encourages Alaskans to take any steps towards greater emergency preparedness with the goal of developing a two-week preparedness plan.

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