Senator Sullivan addresses key issues while guest on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska United States Senator Dan Sullivan has conducted meetings while in Juneau on the Juneau Access project.

    He talked about that on Action Line in relation to the five-year highway bill that passed out of committee recently.  He said he's going to try to move that bill after he returns to Washington, D. C. next week.  "I've talked to the president about that," he said.

    The measure calls on the federal government to pay for ninety percent of the cost for projects with the state picking up the balance.
    The state would make the decision on what projects are built with that funding.  Sullivan added that the bill also includes a provision calling for funding for the Alaska Marine Highway.

    On another topic, the senator believes implementation of an Alaska specific Roadless Rule is a good idea.     The U. S. Forest Service is poised to release its decision on the proposal to exempt Alaska from terms of the Roadless Rule. Sullivan said he's also raised this issue with President Trump and his team.

    Sullivan said if you look at the history of pushing for the full exemption this has been a very bipartisan issue.  He said Democrat governors of Alaska.  Democrat senators of Alaska and Republican governors and senators have all supported the proposal.

    Sullivan added, "You can do that while still maintaining a very pristine environment."


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