Senator Egan Celebrated at Senate Floor Session

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The Alaska senate floor session felt like a Dean Martin roast Wednesday for retiring Juneau State Senator Dennis Egan.

    Senator Egan says he appreciated the kind words but wanted to provide this reminder to Senators, “Mr. president I'm not going to say anything right now, but don't forget that I'm still here till the third Tuesday in January.”

    Senator Bill Wielechowski couldn't help taking credit for Egan's appointment to the Senate, “I was here when he was appointed in 2009 and 9 years, wow, Dennis it feels a lot longer than that.”

    Senator Ted Stevens joked about making sure the historical record was accurate when it came to Egan.

    “There may have been a still built in the basement of the Governor's Mansion and we know who was probably responsible for that, it's just a just a rumor and the second issue was the eyethat was shot out of the gigantic portrait at the top of the stairs, someone shot it out with a BB gun and we're not really sure who.” 

    Senator Ted Stevens says Egan can be honored best in this way, “The tribute we can give to the senator is should he make an amendment to the Marine Highway System, I think we should just give that to him for everything he’s done.”

    It seems like Alaska's leaders were in good spirits reminiscing with Egan.


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