Senate Majority focuses on crime, budget and PFD

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The 31st Alaska Legislature convened Tuesday, and with it, a new 14-member Senate Majority laid out its vision for Alaska.

    In a press statement, the majority stated they will seek "a government that responsibly budgets, prioritizes essential state services, safeguards communities, and protects both the Permanent Fund and the dividend."

    “The people have spoken, and now it’s time for the Legislature to get to work,” said Senate President Cathy Giessel (R-Anchorage). “The Senate will focus on making our neighborhoods safe, fostering an educated and healthy Alaskan workforce, increasing access to resources, and engaging with Alaskans on critical issues.”

    “Public safety is the Senate’s number one priority,” said Senate Majority Leader Mia Costello (R-Anchorage). “We’ve listened to the public and know it’s time to end the crime spree plaguing our state and make our homes and communities safe again.”

    “The Senate Finance Committee is focused on creating fiscal stability through responsible budgeting, slowing the growth of government, and protecting the Permanent Fund for the long term,” said Senator Natasha von Imhof (R-Anchorage), co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee.  

    “Protecting the Permanent Fund and dividend for future generations is a key priority. It represents Alaskans’ share of our oil wealth,” said Senator Bert Stedman (R-Sitka), co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee. “Alaskan families rely on the dividend every year to pay for fuel, groceries and basic needs.”  

    “With a greater diversity of voices on the Senate Finance Committee, reform of the caucus rules and a great number of listening sessions and town halls planned this year, the new Senate Majority is committed to greater involvement from the public,” said Senator John Coghill (R-North Pole) chairman of the Senate Rules Committee.


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