Seattle workers concerned after coronavirus deaths

    Seattle, Washington (ABC) - Two deaths and more than a dozen confirmed cases of the Coronavirus have area residents on edge.

    Workers return to their job and students return to school today amid growing concerns about the spread of the virus in Washington State.

    Medical experts claim the virus may have been present in the state for the past six weeks.

    One Seattle resident said common sense and simple prevention techniques could help alleviate the fears from the community, "If you are sick stay home, if you have a temperature stay home, if you need some medical attention, get some medical attention."

    Another Seattle resident said the fact that researchers believe the virus may have been circulating for weeks alarms her, "Suddenly it alerts you that you need to take this seriously.  People don't seem to be frightened yet.  If there are a few more cases I think people will start to think about that."




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