SEACC responds to plans for an Alaska specific Roadless Rule

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council chimed in with reaction to plans by the Forest Service to come up with a state specific roadless rule for Alaska.

    Meredith Trainor, SEACC's executive director, was a guest on Action Line Thursday.  She called it a strong disappointment.  "We think this is the wrong decision for the Forest Service and we think it was a bad move for the state."  

    She said they were frustrated that Governor Walker decided to submit the petition.  They believe the current national roadless rule  in place now is the right rule and it should continue to apply in Alaska. She added that they will continue to push for that
    On another roadless rule front, Trainor said they're encouraged by legislation introduced by Washington Senator Maria Cantwell.   It would take the current regulation and enshrine it in law which Trainor said would insure that those areas stay protected.

    The measure will be taken up by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee which is chaired by Alaska Senior U. S. Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Given Murkowski's position, Trainor was asked how much opportunity will Cantwell have to get her bill out of the committee.  "That's yet to be seen," she replied.  "We certainly hope that she'll be successful in being able to use it."  Trainor  said an encouraging sign is that there are 16 co-sponsors.  


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