SEACC Deputy Director discusses positive side of Walker declining to pursue Juneau Access

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council has spoken out in favor of Governor Walker's decision to halt further spending on the Juneau Access Project.

    News of the North spoke with SEACC Deputy Director Emily Ferry about the Governor's decision and what it means to both the state and it's capital.

    "I think looking at all of the facts and figured, the governor made the best choice for the state and for the region," stated Ferry. "We still get to keep and spend that money, but now it will go to existing infrastructure projects including the Alaska Marine Highway System. Simply looking at the state budget, DOT's own study found that the Juneau Access Project as originally designed would actually increase the state's budget by $5 million each year."

    Ferry also made a case for why investing in existing infrastructure is more economically sound than venturing out into a brand new endeavor....

    "The studies by the Alaska Legislature have found that for every dollar put into infrastructure projects, you generate more jobs when you're doing road maintenance and repair than when you're doing a new project. Over the long-term, investing in our existing infrastructure will result in more jobs for the region."

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