Schools determine plan for graduation

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Instead of the traditional graduation ceremony, local seniors will be honored individually, as they have their ceremony videotaped.

    Seniors will go to their school at an appointed time, walk across the graduation stage set up in caps and gowns, and receive their diploma cover.

    School officials maintain the visits to school will be safe with all precautions including social distancing required.

    The ceremony will also include the annual speeches, music, and videos of the school.

    Professional photos will be taken and a video will be provided online for each school's ceremony by the end of the month for the public to watch and enjoy.

    Each graduate will receive a gift bag from the community with many items including a program listing classmates, school mementos and gifts from the school and community.

    In addition, the high schools will hold a video awards recognition program for seniors this year.

    Graduation banners are going up around town.

    There are two very large Senior 2020 banners near JDHS/YDHS and TMHS that contain photos of every senior produced by the Parents for a Safe Graduation Committee.

    Capital Transit will be displaying these posters on buses as well.

    Senior families are displaying yard signs in front of homes to recognize graduates.

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